Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Praises Be...

Thank you, God, for knitting me together in my mother's womb. Thank you for walking beside me (and carrying me!) no matter how far I have strayed or how many times I have stumbled.

Mom and the kids, standing in the house that depicts one of our ancestors at Plimoth Plantation - a reminder to all of us of how God has always seen our family through literal and figurative journeys.
Thank you for dancing next to me in joyful times and reminding me I never need to be afraid (even though, like all folks, I am times).

Dancing with leaves in the dark.

As I enter into the next year of my life, I continue to see how you make all things work together for good. I praise and thank you for that!

There are so many moments to be grateful for!
Please, help me to increasingly choose YOUR will as my own, allowing you to use me as your hands, eyes, ears and mouth towards others, just as you use so many in these ways for me.  Thank you, especially, Lord, for all who you work through to, and for, me.  Thank you for life, both here and (with your grace!) eternally.

Together here; together with our greater family in Heaven one day. (We hope!)
I am so grateful.


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