Sunday, October 13, 2013

Our Current Faith and Virtues Learning Time Rotation

One of Luke's Mini-Books from a Virtue Lapbook We Began Monday

One recent sleepless night, a rotation of Faith and Virtues morning circle activities came to my mind:

  • Sundays: Viewing Holy Heroes Mass Prep videos and enjoying Faith and Life
  • Mondays:  Focusing on Virtues and/or presenting Catechisis of the Good Shepherd/Godly Play-inspired trays
  • Tuesdays:  Doing copywork or crafts based on Scriptures or reading and drawing about Bible Stories (often from books we own like the ones described here)
  • Wednesdays:  Listening to and discussing faith-based CD's in the car (such as the favorite ones I wrote about here)
  • Thursdays:  Practicing formal prayers or focusing on personal free-form prayers
  • Fridays:  Focusing on First Reconciliation and Communion prep and other Sacrament studies
  • Saturdays:  Listening to faith-based CD's on days when we are headed out right away or enjoying free kids' bulletins that we find online on more relaxed Saturday mornings

I jotted this rotation down and have begun using it as a structure for our Mom-led Faith and Virtues learning time after breakfast each day. 

So far, I can say, so good. 

The rotation allows us to keep our regular rhythm of focusing our first lessons of the day on faith, while also offering the children enough variety to keep them consistently engaged at each of their own developmental levels.  Moreover, the rotation offers both structure and flexibility, which are two things this Mama constantly craves.

What Faith and Virtues activities are a part of your weekly rhythms?

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