Sunday, October 27, 2013

10 Favorite Sites that Offer Free Catholic Printables

Our own free Life of Mary printable cards helped decorate our table for our Seven Sorrows of Mary feast Day this year.
The other day on the Catholic Homeschool Moms yahoogroup that I am a part of, one of the moms asked for a list of websites that offer Catholic printables.  As I went to respond, I realized that I do not have all of my favorite sites listed for myself in any one single location, but rather have some in a file here, others bookmarked there and still others noted somewhere else.

Thus, after pausing to pray, Lord, please help me to rediscover the organization and order I once thrived with, I felt prompted to begin gathering all the sites in one locations.  When I got to ten, I stopped, because that was all the time I had that day.

Now, as much for my own future reference as for your click-through exploration, I thought I would share those 10 favorite go-to sites for free Catholic printables.  Please let me know in a comment on this post or on the Training Happy Hearts Facebook page if you find this list helpful.  For, if you do, I will list more in a post to come!

Now, with no further ado...

10 Go-To Sites for Free Catholic Printables
  1. Elaine at Commotion from the Ocean of Life is truly gifted with a talent for making faith-based games, booklets and more and, generously, gifts forward by sharing much of her work freely online.
  2. Awesome file folder games, lessons plans and other aids can be found at The Catholic Toolbox.
  3. Raising & Teaching Little Saints offers some free printables, to include an Act of Reconciliation prayer with picture cues that we will be using to help our son learn the prayer.
  4. Holy Heroes offers Sunday Mass quizzes, coloring pages, awesome Advent and Lent programs and more.  They also have Sunday mass prep videos!)
  5. The Saint and Marian coloring pages offered at Waltzing Matilda are favorites of my children!
  6. Angie was offering monthly printables at Catholic Mothers Online, where you can still find the old ones.  Now, she is doing so at Many Little Blessings, where you can find other fantastic faith-based printables, too.
  7. St. John the Baptist Religious Ed offers coloring and booklets for the rosary, saints and more.
  8. New to me recently is The Catholic Playground, with gorgeous coloring pages and a plethora of other fun faith-based ideas. 
  9. Catholic Mom has links to many types of faith-based printables.
  10. That Resource Site is exactly what its name implies, a wonderful resource site for printables and more, many religious and academic ones included.
And, of course, I have some free printables available here at Training Happy Hearts, too!

As I mentioned before, these are just ten of the sites I tend to go to to enrich our family faith studies.  If you'd like me to share more, just ask.  And, of course, if you happen to be a blogger or organization with a page of free Catholic printables, or if you simply have a favorite site that you visit that is not listed above, please share in a comment.  It might be new to us and we love learning about such resources!

What are your go-to sites for Catholic printables?


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