Sunday, February 5, 2012

Catholic Kids Bulletin

Catholic Kids Bulletin
Ugh! We have had a rough week this past week with far too much throwing and going between the five of us here with a belly bug.  Yet, oo!  I am excited.  Not about the bug, mind you, but about a little gift I just found online.

Last week, in response to my discussion about the challenges of participating in Mass with little ones with special needs, Mama Pickles of The Squishy Pickles shared in a comment that Is There Zucchini in This offers weekly Mass coloring pages.  I checked it out and discovered that Theresa, the creator of some wonderful weekly bulletins that I know my little ones will love, has a new site called Catholic Kids Weekly Mass Bulletins, where she posts bulletins a week before they are needed.

I cannot wait to try out this week's bulletin with my children.  If we are not able to attend Mass due to the belly bug still hitting us, it will provide an engaging way to bring this week;s readings and connected ideas to life for the children.  And, if, God-willing, we finally get this virus behind us, it will offer a way to keep the kid's busy hands focused on faith during Mass.

What a gift Theresa has offered in making this resource available for all of us.  If you know of other helpful resources for sharing faith with little ones, do share!


Theresa said...

Thanks for linking to CKB! I'm so glad that people are using the bulletins and finding them helpful.


Ewa said...

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Blessings for you and your family


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