Sunday, February 3, 2013

2 Great Blogs Catholics with Little Ones Might Want to Know About...

On Friday, the kids and I enjoyed our third First Friday mass and homeschool gathering with a group about 45 minutes from our home.  The saint spotlight this month was, of course, St. Valentine.  So, I have St. Valentine's and love on my mind this morning.

Thus, I thought I would share some bloggie love by spotlighting two blogs that folks with little ones might want to check out, in case you haven't already found them through the Sunday link-up here:

Elisa, from Tercets, has linked up here at Training Happy Hearts since I first began the Sunday link up.  I am so glad that she has!  Time and time again, she has shared rich, fun and faith-filled ideas for living the liturgical year.   She inspires me, both with the posts she links up here, and with the other ones on her blog.  You really should pop on over to browse her site.

Catholic Inspired

Jennifer, at Catholic Inspired, amazes me with how she finds time to parent her nine children while sharing so many great crafts, printables and ideas at her site.  I just popped over there on Friday the other day to print her cute Catholic-Christian Conversation Hearts before a First Friday saint day celebration and wished I had more time that morning to browse, print and be inspired.

Plus, for those planning a St. Valentine's tea or dinner, I wanted to mention the post I wrote after Valentine's Day last year, which includes an array of ideas for healthy heart-themed foods, including ones that just take fresh fruits and vegetables and a knife to prepare:

 What are some of your favorite blogs for Catholics with little ones?  And, how about favorite St. Valentine's day menu items?


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noreen said...

I absolutely agree! They are my go to Catholic bloggers for activities and crafts for young ones. I also go to Shower of Roses, Homegrown Catholics and Catholic Icing to name a few. There are many fab bloggers to inspire and motivate me!

Elisa said...

I am so touched that you chose to feature my blog, Martianne! I appreciate the opportunity to link up, and I find many great resources in your posts too. Catholic Inspired is also one of my favorites, along with Familia Católica.

martianne said...

Noreen, I, too, love Catholic icing and Shower of Roses. I cannot recall Homegrown Catholics, so will have to pop on over. Yours,, is lovely, too. I just saw your monstrance craft and want to try it. :) Elisa, glad to highlight your blog as I am blessed often by it, and by Catholic Inspired. Familia Catolica is great, too!

noreen said...

Thank you Martianne! You are so right that there are numerous great Catholic blogs! God can use the Internet to spread His Good News!


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