Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lenten Love

When we made our Pray, Fast, Give Jars this year, Luke came up with a new twist.

"Mommy, why don't we put something different in them this year," he suggested.  "Like birdseed.  Then, the Easter Bunny can feed the animals before giving us a treat."

I thought it was a beautiful idea -- one that spoke of Luke's creativity and his developing capacity to think in less self-centered ways than he has in the past.  Since Nina liked the idea, too, we went with it.  So, our jars this year are being filled with sunflower seeds, not beans.

And, our hearts are full as well.

With all the snow that has fallen in our area lately, the children did not wait for Easter so that the Bunny could feed the birds.  They were concerned about our feathered friends now.  So, on Saint Valentine's Day morning, they made a special Valentine for birds in our front yard.  They have been replenishing it regularly, and the birds have been delighting in their dedicated kindness.

Likewise, I have been delighting in the children's excitement as they eagerly run to the window whenever they spy one of God's creatures partaking in a front yard feast.

And we have all been delighting in moments of beauty each day, which our Lord has made for us.  

From snowy picnics to snuggly read alouds, when we have taken time to relish the simple parts of our days, our hearts have softened.  Our souls have sung.  We have felt redeemed and recharged, bathed in warmth and love

Now, speaking of all this sweet joy might seem a bit out of season since it is Lent, not Easter yet.  But, perhaps it is not.  Perhaps recognizing the bountiful blessings borne from a child's idea of sacrificial sunflower seeds could be a simplified allegory for the Resurrection. 

Through our Lord's love and sacrifice we are saved and, thus, can know great joy. 

How are sacrifices softening hearts in your home the Lenten season?


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Elisa said...

What a wonderful idea! Kudos to Luke for thinking of such a spiritually renewing gesture.


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