Sunday, February 10, 2013

Planning Lent with Our Daily Rhythm in Mind

Last night, I began a ridiculously Type A chart of plans for living and learning during Lent, which I was hours into before stopping myself short.

Um, Martianne.  I think you’re being a bit overly ambitious.  Remember last year and letting Lent happen.  It worked okay.  And, even if you feel the need for a bit more structure, discipline and focused learning time this Lent, you KNOW that life is what happens when you’re making other plans.  And you did recently realize (and share!) that freedom, responsibility and balance are your guiding words for February... So, um, STOP WASTING TIME being tedious.  Follow your guiding words.  Pause.  Pray.  Then, plan with less detail!

Wake Up, Five Before Breakfast (FBB), Breakfast and Circle Time

  • During FBB, pray with children at the Liturgical Table.
  • As FBB exercise burst, run and count items noted on Lenten Calendar as described in Guiding Your Catholic Preschooler.
  • During Breakfast and Circle Time, read from Lent, Easter and Saints book basket.  (Titles will come in another post.)

Personal Hygiene, Family Work Time, Core Four Lessons and Learning and Enrichment Time

Lunch, Family Studies, Choice, Daily Five and Choice Time

  • Choose an Act of Service to complete before lunch.
  • Say an extra prayer before eating.
  • Consider liturgical music or art study; use Family Feast and Feria's wonderful Lent for Children A Thought a Day.
  • Continue to read about Egypt, because that is where the children’s interests are.  However, also add stories from Lent/Easter Book Basket.
  • Try to find printable easy reader booklets about Lent and Easter (or just make some) for Daily Five.

Outdoor/Active Play Time

  • Let picture books inspire imaginative play and suggested motor activities.

Family Dinner and Read Aloud


Intentional Family Fun, Wind Down, 5 T’s and Bedtime

  • Enjoy Family Movie Night once a week.  (See below.)
  • Enjoy Easter and Lenten crafts and activities.

Family Movie Nights
I am hesitant to share these titles, which our local library carries and which I am considering for family movie nights during Lent since I have not previewed them yet.  So, let me state that I have learned the lesson we were taught with our Epiphany movie choice, and that I will be previewing all of these titles before settling in with popcorn with the kids.  If any of you have seen any of these videos and can offer comment on them, I would appreciate it.  I’d also appreciate titles for other family-friendly movies for families with children 7 and under.  Thanks, in advance, for your input.

How is your family planning to live and learn during Lent and Easter?


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