Monday, February 27, 2012

Temple Grandin Books, Videos and Conference Discounts

I am so excited!  My mother just gifted me with a copy of the Temple Grandin DVD, which I have been wanting to watch before I head off to the Boston Area conference that Temple will be speaking at later this month.  When Mom heard that I hadn't seen the video yet, she went out and got it, watched it herself and then passed it onto me saying I have to see it.  It's that good.  Tomorrow night, then, (God-willing and kids sleeping-in-time), my husband and I will enjoy along-awaited and rare date night, snuggled up together to be moved by Temple's story onscreen.

Likewise, as I recently shared, I was moved by other folks' stories in print when I read Different…Not Less, which is a fantastic collection of inspiring stories by and about successful adults who have been challenged by special needs.  

With Temple's work in mind, as I prepare for bed, giddy about tomorrow night's movie night, I just wanted to share that  Future Horizons has extended their pre-sales deal on Different…Not Less until March 20th.  So, if you want to get the book at a discounted price of $16.96 (instead of the $19.95), head on over to Future Horizons and enter the discount code HAPPY.

This code is also good for 15% off regular-priced merchandise from the Future Horizon store, plus free shipping in the continental U.S.  That includes videos, CD's and conferences, such as the upcoming one-day Boston Area one that I am eager to go to and the SUPER Conference in Denver, which I only wish I did not live so far from!

If you'll be in or around Denver on March 22-23, you may want to try to get to the Super Conference, which will feature respected speakers, Dr. Temple Grandin, Dr. Wendy Lawson, Dr. Lucy Jane Miller, OTR/L and Maria Wheeler!  To reserve your seat(s) at it at a 15% discount, register at Future Horizons no later than February 29th using the coupon code HAPPY.   (You can get accreditation and educational graduate credits for this conference, too!)

Now, I'm off to bed, so I can have a productive day of work and homeschooling tomorrow before indulging in a date night Temple Grandin  movie at home!


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