Sunday, February 26, 2012

As Lent Unfolds: A Handful of Resources for Observing Lent with Little Ones

Last week, I shared my decision to simply let Lent happen in our home, trusting that the Spirit would lead us through a meaningful Lenten journey.   Less than a week into this season of preparing for Easter, I can attest that the choice has been a good one thus far.

The children and I have been experiencing daily moments of prayer, understanding and purpose. Of course, to make room for these moments (as well as to make time to honor some Lenten promises that I have made), I have not had much time for blog reading or writing.  And, to be honest, I don't really have that time now either.  (It is nearing 1 a.m., and I really should be getting to sleep soon!)

Still, I wanted to share a handful of resources that have been helping to enrich our Lenten experience:
  • The Holy Heroes Lenten Adventure provides free video, music and activity pages delivered to our email inbox by a family-owned apostolate, which are becoming a circle time staple for us.  Luke and Nina have been enjoying these so much that they requested "Holy Heroes" on the second day before I even had time to suggest it.
  • The Catholic Kids Ash Wednesday Bulletin sure made services easier and more meaningful the other night, and I am sure today's bulletin will do similarly.
  • This 2-page printable Way of the Cross opened our at-home Stations of the Cross discussion the other day and was a big hit with the kids for coloring and questioning.
  • Likewise, the kids (especially Luke) have been enjoying coloring pages from St. Johns the Baptist's Religious Education Stations of the Cross Coloring Book and Devotional.  We will likely be using these for stations in our hallway next Friday.
  • A variety of books have  been bringing home the Easter Story for my children.  Some have disturbed Nina, since she doesn't like "the meanies" hurting Jesus.  Yet, they have all opened up opportunities for so meaningful (and in the end "happy") discussion and understanding.  They have also inspired a significant amount of dramatic play.

And, yes, I know the two pancake books have little to do with the Easter story, but I included them in the widget above because they are in our book basket still after being read and enjoyed in honor of "Pancake Tuesday" this past week.

Now, I would love to share photos and more detailed snippets of Lent so far at our home, but I truly must get to bed.  I just wanted to offer some of the actual resource links we have enjoyed thus far in case anyone else's children might benefit from them.

How have you and the young ones in your life living a Spirit-led Lent this year?  Any tips or tools to share?  Please feel free to share in a comment or by linking up below.


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noreen said...

Hi Martianne,

Thanks for listing our your resources. I'm familiar with the Holy Heroes Lenten Adventure but not the others you've noted. I will go and check them out now. I teach first graders in RE and have a class tomorrow. Perhaps the 2-pg printable of the Way of the Cross will fit in nicely.

If you're interested, I have a giveaway going on now on my blog. It's a Catholic Game created by Jennifer of Crafolic that teaches children about sin, grace and confession. Come and check it out.


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