Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Have Boxes? Will Imagine!

One recent Saturday I asked my husband to run down to the local grocery store to collect some of my favorite free sorting and organizing tools:  banana boxes.

I set them out on the table, ready to start sorting stuff into them.  However, someone had other plans for for what should go inside the boxes:

Treasuring a timeless rite of childhood - box play - I opted to hold off on my housekeeping project in order to  allow our literal Jack-in-the-box to play.  Then, I closed the boxes up and stacked them against a wall until I had time to get back on-task another day.

Before such time materialized, the rest of the gang just could not resist the lure of boxes.  Conductor Luke had a plan: boxes + stools + an exercise wheel + a Sit-and-Spin =

a post-dinner adventure on The Polar Express!

Whizzing up inclines, around bends and down hills.

Calling others to join the fun.

Who needs high tech toys or screen time?  Inspiration from a book read weeks ago, coupled with memories of a Christmastime train ride and the provocation of a stack of boxes and my children were entertained for a good part of the evening!


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