Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 3-Part Charades Cards Free Printable

Happy Halloween and All Saints Day Eve!

Today, we are headed off to Co-op and a fun All Saints Day celebration where we will be playing this teamwork/engineering/problem-solving game among others.  But, before we do, in honor of Montessori Monday, I wanted to share some free printables that fellow Montessori-inspired friends might enjoy:

Saturday, Luke and Nina helped me plan and prepare for a Halloween party that they wanted to host for Grammy, Grampy and a cousin.  Among the activities they wished to include in the party was an adapted version of Charades for Kids, a board game that we have been enjoying as a family some nights after dinner as a part of the Million Minute Family Challenge ,which I wrote about at Signature Moms.

For our adapted game, the kids wanted Halloween-themed picture-word cards to act out.  They helped me pick out the graphics for these, which I put into a template that would allow us to use the cards as:

  1. Playing Cards for Charades for Kids at the party.
  2. Traditional 3-Part Cards in Montessori lessons in the coming week (as well as for years to come).
  3. Matching Cards to play Concentration, Go Fish, the Slap Game, the Dice Game and other Card Crazy games with.

Now, we are sharing them in case you would like a fun last minute Halloween activity to do with your children. To use them, simply click on the graphics above.  Click "print" on the graphic that pops up and you should get full-sized cards to cut and enjoy in traditional Montessori 3-part card style or in other ways.

We'd love to hear how you use them, so please leave a comment.

P.S.  If you are going trick-or-treating tonight, have fun and please be extra-careful when crossing roads.  Let our scare from last year be your reminder for this one and with little ones, practice Road Safety songs or role plays before heading out.

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Nice cards!! Thank you for sharing.


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