Saturday, October 29, 2011

All Saints Day St. Francis of Assisi Party Game Printable

Today, we have been busy getting ready for a small Halloween party the kids are hosting for Grammy, Grampy and a cousin.  We are also looking forward to the All Saints Day party we will be having at Co-op on Monday.

As a part of our All Saints Day festivities, groups of 5-8 children will rotate around game stations.  The kids and I volunteered to host one of those stations, and after many ideas from Luke and Nina, settled on one that will be easy to set up and fun for kids of all ages to participate in.  It will also slide in some vestibular and proprioceptive input, as kids bend and move to carry blocks from one location to another, as well as some teamwork, engineering and problem-solving skills, as the children work together to build church structures. Now, that's our kind of game!

If you need a quick game for a Saints Day party, simply click on the graphic at the top of this post and a larger version you can print should pop up.  The grab some masking tape to make two rectangles and some blocks and you'll be all set.  Or, if you'd like other St. Francis ideas, see my prior post over at the Wayback Page of Catholic Mothers Online, 10+ Ideas for celebrating St. Francis of Assisi with Young Ones.

Alternately, you could borrow one of Luke and Nina's other ideas:
  • Make a nest and get a bird figurine.  Then, like the young Blessed Virgin, who was said to have helped a wounded bird, try to get the bird back in its nest.
  • Make a stable or manger.  Hide it.  Then, be the Holy Family trying to find a place to stay.
  • Hide a donkey figurine.  Then be St. Jerome and his lion and try to find it.
  • Get some babydolls, clothing and pretend food.  Hide the dolls in corners.  Be Blessed Mother Teresa, take the food and clothing, find the sick and hungry and help them.
Yep, I do have some creative little ones, I guess.  It truly warmed my heart as they came up with these ideas, evidencing that all the saint stories and activities we weave into our lives are sinking in!

Happy All Saints Day!


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