Monday, October 10, 2011

Fire Safety, Apples, St. Francis, Seasonal Tasks and More

As some readers know, I post regularly at some other sites, too.  Here is some of what I have posted recently:

  •  This week is Fire Safety Week, so I have posted 5 Ideas for Sensory Integration Breaks over at Our Journey THRU Autism.  These are great for all kids, not just those with SPD.  Take a peek.

Another Way to Add Apples to A Sensory Diet-- Climb on Crates!
  • And, if you want to laugh at what I am not doing in Care of Our Home Environment, but know I should be doing, fully intended to be in the habit of doing by this seventh year of home ownership and am going to pick one or two things to actually do to get back into better habit-forming, click on over to Seasonal Tasks -- To Do or Not To Do at Signature Moms.

Plus, please take a moment to register (for free, with no strings) at My Special Needs Network,  and then to leave a comment on our Contest Entry there.  If we get the most comments (one per registrant) by the end of the month, we'll win $250 toward sensory supplies and equipment, which is something we could really  use.  Thanks in advance for helping us out with that if you can!!!!

Have a wonderful week!


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