Friday, July 9, 2021

What Math program Is Helping My Son Whiz through His High School Math Credits? {A Review}

I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

We were so excited when we were offered a chance to review a 12-month subscription to CTCMath again this year.


Because, since we started using it in 2019, it has become our easy-button for math for both my 11-year old and my 15-year old.

My highschooler, in particular, was psyched when we heard we would be able to review CTCMath again this year. For, with our 2020 review, he set some lofty math goals for himself and, using the self-paced online CTCMath program, he met those and was eager to continue with his math success over the summer and into the fall this year.

Here's what he had to say when I asked him for his thoughts for this review:

I have tried many math programs over the years, and CTCMath is definitely the one that I have been most successful with.
Most other programs fall into one of two categories that don't work for me:
1) They lose my interest quickly because they take too long to teach basic things and/or do not offer instant marking of correct and incorrect answers.
2) They engage me well, but do not teach anything new. They are simply for review and supplementary study.
CTCMath, on the other hand, is brilliantly put together for a student like me. The lessons are formatted in a way that when I understand material, they only take about 10-20 minutes to complete. (They only take longer when I make mistakes or when a lesson includes a particularly tedious math skill.)
To do a lesson, you are supposed to watch the video lesson, which is typically quite short, then either complete a worksheet (which you can print)...

 ... or answer a set of questions, one-by-one on screen. (The online questions are not always available, but the worksheet is.


Correct answers are shown as soon as you submit your own answer.

Typically, I skip the videos and go straight to the questions using a provided lesson notes pdf as a reference. I only go back to the video on the rare occasion I get stuck.
Last year, I set out to complete Algebra II, Geometry, and Trigonometry. I was able to complete the first two, only needing outside help twice for some of the final lessons in Algebra II. I was not able to do Trigonometry, because once I was ready to begin it, I learned that CTCMath had changed their program and Trigonometry is now not a separate course, but, instead, is part of Pre-Calculus.
So, when I got this review, I started Pre-Calculus. So far, it is going well. I am over a quarter of the way through already and have had no problems. I have 100% average and hope to keep a high score and strong understanding as the more difficult material in the course unfolds.


When I complete Pre-Calculus using CTCMath, I will have finished my required high school credits and what I would need to get into basic college programs. If my other high school courses are going well, I will likely continue using CTCMath straight through Calculus, which is the highest level course CTCMath offers.
I would recommend CTCMath to anyone who wants to learn math at their own pace without a live teacher or parent hovering over. CTCMath has massively aided my success with my high school goals!

As you can see, my eldest is enthused about what a good fit CTCMath is for him and how it is helping him meet with success with his self-determined high school goals.

CTCMath has also been a favorite learning pursuit of my eleven year old who finished the Grade 5 program with very little help from me or anyone else and happily by his own choice - has begun his sixth grade program even though it is summertime.

This week, however, he's been taking a true summer break since he is away at camp. Before he left, I asked him for quick comments for this review and he said he likes CTCMath, he can use it on his own, and he recommends it.

I do, too! 

Seriously online and in person, whenever anyone asks me about math options for their elementary through highschooler, I suggest CTCMath.

The program is so easy to use - with students being able to self-pace through lessons and even go between any grade level/course they desire to should they want to, and parents being able to easily check student progress through reports which not only show what students have and have not finished, but when they did lessons. (This helps moms like me ensure their kiddoes are not getting distracted online and saying they ae doing math when they are not. Admittedly, this has happened here before, but it seldom does now. My boys like CTCMath and stay tuned in with it to learn math skills and reach their goals.)

I truly cannot say enough about CTCMath ad how it has made math so easy for two of my children.

You can see if 40+ other Homeschool Review Crew families love CTCMath as much as my boys and I do by clicking through to read blog, video, and social media reviews from different families using the program with students of varying ges and abilities.


You can also connect with CTCMath online at:


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