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We Found Our Math Resource for This Year! {A CTCMath Review}

I like to have multiple ways for my children to learn and practice math all year, so when an opportunity to review CTCMath’s 12-month family membership came up, I asked my children if they would be interested in trying it and all three said, "Yes." I as pleased with their response, since CTCMath has an excellent reputation and I was curious how it would work for my children.

In short order, I discovered, 
CTCMath works wonderfully for our family. All summer, it has proven itself to be an easy-to-use, helpful, and quick way for my children to progress with math studies.

What is CTCMath?

Maths Online

CTCMath is an online, subscription-based math program for grades K-12 that is used by over 200,000 students worldwide. Created by Pat Murray, a math teacher and homeschool Dad of 10, the program aims to help students progress easily through math with short, interactive lessons that speak to a variety of learning styles. 

Grade levels and courses within the program include:

  • Kindergarten
  • 1st grade
  • 2nd grade
  • 3rd grade
  • 4th grade
  • 5th grade
  • 6th grade
  • Basic Math and Pre-Algebra
  • Elementary Measurement
  • Elementary Geometry
  • Algebra I
  • Geometry
  • Algebra II
  • Triginometry
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Calculus
The courses are delivered through video tutorials, interactive questions, worksheets and solutions, diagnostic tests, and reports of progress.

There are separate student and teacher pages, both easy to navigate.

The teacher pages gives access to tracking information, scores, tasks to be assigned, tools, and more.  It also allows you to easily switch to student view pages, which is quite handy

Student pages allow students to easily jump back and forth between grade levels and skills as they need to or to progress on a more linear track.

I appreciate how all this comes together so that students can work independently with some freedom as to what they wish to work on, but that parent teachers can also assign specific tasks.

You can learn more about the program by watching this video:

To use the program, all you need is an internet connection and a device with a web browser.  If you like printed material, a printer, ink, paper, and pencil are good, too, since there are optional printable portions to lessons.

What Do My Children Have to Say About CTCMath

More often than not, when my children sit down for their daily independent math time, my children choose CTCMath over other resources we have available, and each is progressing well with it.

My 13-year-old, who is intent on starting high school one year early, has decided CTCMath will be his main math program for the year.

He said:

CTCMath is an online math program that covers grades K-12. I decided to try this program, because I am entering high school and need a math program.
While not as engaging as some other math programs I have tried, CTCMath is extremely simple to use. You just log in, go to your grade level and whatever math subject you are working on and click on a lesson in the section you are working on.


Each lesson consists of a video and questions along with a printable worksheet if you are not one who likes computers.

One of the most annoying features is that it allows teachers or parents to set a passing grade, which is really aggravating when your Mom sets it to 85% or better and you only have 6-10 questions, meaning you cannot have any mistakes. But, when Mom lowers it, it becomes easier.

The videos are clear, but, for me, not necessary because the subject is pretty easy to learn so far.
I intend to use this for the rest of this year. I am doing well with it and it makes math quick and easy for me.

I hope my oldest son sticks with his plan to use CTCMath all year as it has been such a no-fuss way for him to progress with math skills since we started using it.

My 12-year-old, who does not always like online math programs and who has math skill gaps due to challenges with dyslexia and other things, also has found 
CTCMath helpful. 

She had this to say: 

When I first started CTCMath, I thought it was dumb. I didn't like it, because I did not know how to use it well. Once I clicked around more, failed a few things, asked my mom for some help, that kind of stuff... I found out that it's actually really easy to use, and it makes math simple! 
Once I figured CTCMath out, I got a little bit - just a teeny bit - addicted. I ended up doing over two hours of math in one day during my free choice time. I was determined to finish over half the tasks under one topic in a day, which I did. 

CTCMath is really simple to maneuver. All you have to do is sign in. Then, you see your profile with your average.

When you actually open as yourself, there is a lot of white space, which I really like and there are not a ton of tasks that they show at once. So, for me, there are only 12 tasks to do right now and I have passed five of them and started another five of them. This keeps me motivated and not overwhelmed. I am also interested to see what the next level will look like.

With each section, you can take a diagnostic test - a 16 question, a 32 question, etc. There is also a search.

Also, at the top, there are tabs for lessons tasks, results, settings, and history.

When you hit on results, it shows you results on everything you have worked on - your first grade and your highest grade.

It also has places on the bottom to click for speed skills, times tables, and swapping pieces.  These are games to make things more fun in my perspective.

I actually enjoy CTCMath and want to keep using it. It's easy, I'm learning, and I like it.

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to see my daughter's success and confidence grow with CTCMath! It has been such an unexpected blessing.

More than once during my daughter's free time, I have found her on my bed with our laptop reaching to meet a self-set 
CTCMath goal. I have also found her printing out worksheets to use for practice when she doesn't feel like being online.  Hoorah!

My 9-year-old also likes 
CTCMath, although not with the same enthusiasm as his siblings.  He had this to say:

CTCMath is good. I like the time tables and speeds skills games. They help me enjoy practicing, and I think I am getting faster.

The regular lessons are okay. I don't like how long some of the tests are, but it's easy to use. I'd like to keep using it as a supplement.

Indeed, he will do just that. 

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I have a child who "gets" math easily but lacks focus, one who does not "get" math as easily but seeks independent success, and one who is pretty typical for his age.  All three are doing well with 
CTCMath, so I would say CTCMath can help a variety of children succeed! 

I would recommend  CTCMath’s 12-month family membership to any family that seeks a straightforward, clear, easy-to-use independent math resource that can be used by all their children with Mom or Dad checking in on progress easily.

In the weeks we've been using the program, I have witnessed:

  • positive changes in one child's confidence and attitude when it comes to math.
  • one child appreciating the short, to-the-point lessons as a way to quickly progress with necessary math skills.
  • all three of my children learning at their own pace, some with the video tutorials and one without.
  • little to no frustrations or issues during math time.
  • stress-free math learning and easy check-ins on progress.

I so appreciate the ease and effectiveness of CTCMath and think you may like it, too.

The only thing I would like to see added to the program is a way for questions to be read to students so that children that have reading challenges can tackle text based questions with no troubles.

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