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It's Great to Have Historical and Modern US and World Maps Just a Click-n-Print Away {A Home School in the Woods Review}

 I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

If you are looking for well-designed, downloadable, printable curriculum resources for unit studies, hands-on projects, geography, notebooking, lapbooking, history and more, Home School in the Woods is a long-time homeschooler favorite.

I was introduced to Home School in the Woods through the Homeschool Review Crew some years ago and have since come to know and appreciate many of their awesome - and popular - homeschool products, including their Maps Combo-Pak (US & World Maps), which we've recently had the opportunity to review.

Like other products from Home School in the Woods, the Maps Combo-Pak (US & World Maps) is simple to download, and, once, you have done so and have unzipped the file it comes as, all you have to do is click on the "start" icon...

... to be brought to a page that has an intro...

... and a menu of options so you can find exactly what specific item in the Combo-Pak you want to print. 

Then you click on that item to download/print it and you are off and running with your studies in minutes.

The menu is conveniently made so you can print things in groups or as single items.

Within the World Maps, you'll find Ancient Maps, Modern Maps, Notebook Covers, and over 40 Bonus Notebooking Pages to flesh out your geography studies. With them, you can:

  •  help your children focus on locations of countries, cities, land forms, bodies or water, etc.
  • choose to print maps with labels or without
  • choose maps with particular boundaries and without
  • create projects about different locations in present times or ancient ones
  • print political maps or physical ones

and more.

There are beautiful maps and notebooking pages can flex to flesh out your existing "spine" studies or can be come a study of their own.

Find a scope and sequence of just which maps and printables are included here.

The United States map set contains:

  • a United States map
  • maps of each state and Washington D.C.  with labels, without labels and in outline form
  • over a dozen historical maps which go from the 13 Colonies, through growth of the nation, to where various native tribes were, etc. 
  • fact sheets for each state
  • teacher keys
  • state flags
  • tips for use

and more!

So, whether you are pairing some geography studies with US History, studying geography as its own subject, or just wanting to familiarize your children's more with US geography, this set has you covered.

You can find a scope and sequence of the US Map set here.

Maps Combo-Pak (US & World Maps) truly is jam-packed with maps and notebooking pages that are easy to access and print and can be useful for any grade K-12. The resource is compatible with MAc and PC and is one I'd recommend getting sooner rather than later if you are thinking about getting it, because with all the variety of maps and notebooking pages included, it is a resource any educator can use again and again throughout the years in conjunction with other curriculum or as stand alone printables and studies.

Like all Home School in the Woods products, the Maps Combo-Pak (US & World Maps) is family-friendly and flexible. All ages can use it and its reproducible for multiple students in one family. There is no need to use it "cover to cover", but rather, to pick and choose what you like and let it be a blessing to you and yours again and again as you study history and geography or do special projects.

Here, since it is summer time and we are in low-key mode, I have printed sheets to use with my 11, 14, and 15 year olds between other activities - and even at one of our campouts...

I have also begun making Geography binders to use with the kids in the coming year, because, as I did some things which I thought would be "review" for them, I realized we actually need to do some re-learning.

you know that old saying, "If you don't use it, you lose it." Despite several years of Geography Club meet ups when my children were young and various times of focus on geography since, it seems my children have forgotten some basic geography.

So, this resource is what we are using to help them relearn such basics.

I am glad to have it and recommend it to others.

I also suggest that if you are looking for anything in the way of history, timelining, notebooking, and geography, you look at what other resources Home School in the Woods has to offer. 

A good way to see how other families are using various Home School in the Woods is to click on through to find 40+ Homeschool Review Crew social media, video, and blog reviews.

Also - exciting news: Home School in the Woods has recently gone entirely digital download and all of their individual timeline sets that once came in printed format have recently been revamped and expanded to include figures in various formats, which make them even more usable for families. 

Flexibility and family-friendliness are hallmarks for Home School in the Woods! We so appreciate that.

Homeschool in the Woods

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