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Enjoy History and Humor with Drive Thru Adventures! {A Review and Links for Free Previews and Codes!}

What can get a family with the flu laughing and learning despite fevers and extraordinary lethargy?

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Dave Stotts and his 
Homeschool Video Curriculum by Drive Thru History Adventures!  

Seriously. My children were so looking forward to diving in to review our Drive Thru History Adventures annual subscription that, even though they all got hit with the flu right after we gained access to it, they begged to begin watching the streaming videos.Since my children were all too feverish and lethargic to do anything else, I loosened up our typically tighter rein on consecutive minutes spent on screentime and began to binge watch American History with them. It was great! 

Despite my children's sickness, giggles and guffaws erupted from them as we watched streaming episodes on American History together.  Then, after every few episodes, I paused the videos and used the discussion questions and pdf answer guides that come as a part of the curriculum to chat with my children about specific historical points made in the episodes we had already viewed.  We also spent some time browsing the beautiful famous art works which are provided online as part of the curriculum, reading quotes, and deciding that we'd save suggested readings and other resources for later since we all wanted to hit play on another episode of Dave Stotts humorous and historically accurate video series.

Soon after beginning our subscriptions, we also joined a private Facebook group open only to 
Drive Thru History Adventures subscribers and, there, we heard Dave Stotts' family had been hit with the flu, too.  With that, my children felt extra connected to the homeschool history guide that they have come to know and love.  He became not only "that funny history guy", but also a husband and dad dealing with a sick family - a person they could relate to! We just loved how between the Facebook group and the Adventure TV part of our subscription, we got behind the scenes looks at Dave, the history series, and more.

Then - BONUS! - once my children and I were all on the mend (because, yes, I went down with the flu, too!), we received a surprise package in the mail filled with Drive Thru History Adventures patches, stickers, and and autographed picture of Dave Stotts.  My children thought this was "so cool and kind" (as did I) and, of course, asked if we could immediately do "more and more" Drive Thru History Adventures and watch Dave Stotts on Adventure TV, too. 

Who was I to say no?

The children were all so enthused, and we enjoy learning - and laughing - as Dave Stotts chats in his weekly videos on 
Adventure TV, shares extra tidbits about history and holidays in video clips, and takes us on virtual field trips replete with geography, archaeology, classic art, history, and - of course - faith, in Bible History, American, and Ancient History Adventures!  So, we brought up Drive Thru History Adventures on the computer and - okay - binged a bit more!

We are absolutely loving having Dave Stott's fabulously family-friendly, funny, and informative 
Homeschool Video Curriculum by Drive Thru History Adventures at our fingertips online.

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We're also super excited to share that for a limited time
anyone who purchases an annual subscription to Drive-Thru Adventures will get the Gospel series on DVD free as an extra bonus using a code found on Join the Adventure page(The DVD's typically retail for $89.99, so this is quite a bonus!)  You can see a preview of that video here:

You an also see our prior review of it by clicking through the image below.

Drive Thru History Adventures is also offering 20% for readers of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine.  You an find the latest digital issue of that magazine here.  be sure to look on page 19 of it!

Plus, you can watch a preview about the entire Homeschool Video Curriculum here:

...and, you can also get a
FREE 7 DAY TRIAL (with no credit card required!) to the 3 Curriculum Courses: Bible History, American History, and Ancient History, so you can check them out to see if they are a good fit for your family's ages and stages.

Technically speaking, the course curriculum is most appropriate for ages 12 and above, but, my family find it ideal for our 12 and under crowd as well.  Our children - ages 7-12 - all enjoy the videos, answering basic questions, doing quick picture studies with classic art, and chatting about the history brought to life for us though the curriculum.  My 12  year old also does some of the work that comes as pdf downloads.  High school students could dig even deeper by reading the source documents, expert papers, and short articles provided as well as by doing outside research and answering essay questions in more depth.

Thus it appears that Dave Stotts "gets" homeschooling families and our need for family-friendly, engaging curriculum that can capture attention and encourage learning at different levels.  He also gets that every family is different and so he and his Drive Thru History Adventures crew not only make history fun and accessible, but also offer opportunity for you to "try before you buy" and to get bonuses, too.  You have to respect that!  I know I do.

What Is Included in An Annual Subscription?

With an annual subscription to Drive Thru History Adventures, you get 3 online Curriculum Courses: Bible History, American History, and Ancient History and a free, one-year subscription to "Adventures TV" with access to full episodes and new weekly content, specials, behind the scenes shows, road trips bloopers, and mini-docs.  Plus, with the code, you get a free Gospels DVD set.

That means you can join Dave for an 18-week trip through Israel, exploring the life of Jesus as covered in the Gospels, travel with him from Europe through the east coast of America on a 12-week trip through early American history, from Columbus to the Constitution, and visit sites of Ancient History in a 12-week trip through the empires of Greece, Rome, and Asia Minor.

What My Children Think

My oldest loves Drive Thru History and said this:

We reviewed Drive Thru History Gospels on DVD's, and I enjoyed it.  So, when we got asked if we'd like to review the online membership, I said, "Yes, I like him!"
With the membership, I can access Drive Thru History Gospels, Ancient History, and American History videos and curriculum.  There are also weekly videos from Dave Stotts, and he says they will be adding more soon.
I have watched part of each series and like them all.  I prefer the Ancient and American history programs to the Gospel one, because Dave Stotts is funnier in them. 
In the American history one, he is funny when he is eating a ton of stuff with cheese.  He even ate marshmallows with cheese (and then spit them out.)
Of course, there is educational stuff, too.  In the videos, Dave Stotts drives to historical places and tells you about them.  He shows you things pictures and animations, too.  So, it's not like, "This happened in this time and that happened in that time."  It is more like a story where he tells a story of history and is a part of his own story.  He uses humor and helps you make connections.
I love history and have read a lot about different time periods, especially Revolutionary War history, so I was surprised that I actually learned a few things from the videos. For example, I learned about Thomas Jefferson's cool clock that said the day, the time, and all that, and had cannonballs.  It was meant for a bigger house and they had to drill a hole in the floor.   (I also learned the best places to go if I am visiting New York City and want pizza or visiting Philadelphia and want a steak and cheese.)
In the Ancient History series, I had known a little about the real founding of Rome, not the legend, but now I know more. 
Along with watching the videos, I did some of the curriculum.  My brother and sister and I answered discussion questions orally.  I also wrote some down and looked at other materials in the curriculum online. There are suggested reading resources, quotes, fine art, and other things.
I like Drive Thru History a lot!

My seven year old son had this to say:
I like Drive Thru History, because Dave Stotts teaches you, but, instead of just telling you about things, he actually goes to the places and makes them interesting.  He also has a sense of humor - a GOOD sense of humor.  
Dave Stotts, sometimes, goes in olden day things, like a car-boat.  In the American History series, he was talking about George Washington crossing the Delaware and asked if we think he'd have used the car-boat to do it if he had it.  I thought, It IS faster - the car boat, but it cannot fit as many people and it might make more noise.  So, it would only be a good idea for Washington if they could make it silent.  I knew Dave Stotts was just being funny, but his question still made me think.

There is also curriculum.  I didn't do much of this.  I just answered questions out loud and studied artwork.  I can also use the quotes as copywork.

I like the membership because it gives us curriculum and his weekly stuff and other stuff on Adventures TV. I want to watch it all - all the curriculum videos and all the Adventure TV!  I think other people would, too.

My daughter, ten, (who is my most sensitive child) said this:
I was very excited when my mom told me we could get another review for Drive Thru History.  We had done the Gospels on DVD in the past.  Now, we get Drive Thru History online. On the DVD's we basically just got the DVD and got it forever.  Online, we get one year of access to the videos, the curriculum, and Dave's extra videos.
My favorite series is the American History one.  I find Dave Stotts is the funniest in that one, and it is a bit less gruesome in some parts, because he is going over less gruesome history than the Ancient History, like when the took over the Jewish temple. Of course, Dave Stotts makes these parts of history more family-friendly, but the facts are hard to think about.

I like the last episode of American History the most when he goes in a boat-car.  It looks really funny.  It was also funny in another episode when he was trying to cut out stars like Betsy Ross.  It was also funny when Dave Stotts went camping in Times Square and ordered pizza. All these funny parts are good, because they make the history more fun. I like Dave Stotts' personality, so I like to learn history from him.
I have learned new things, such as "Romulus killed Remus with a ninjitsu style death kick."  (Wink. Wink.)  I actually did learn more about how Rome came about.
I will keep using this - DEFINITELY!  Maybe even just for the weekly videos when we finish the other ones.  They are funny and we learn things.  I think other families will like this, too!

I certainly agree with my daughter: other families will - and do! - like Drive Thru History Adventures.  I have been recommending it to local friends left and right, and, now, recommend it to you, too.  If you're looking for history, geography, archaeology, a Christian worldview, plus fun, family-viewing, Dave Stotts is your guy! 

Learn More

Drive Thru History Adventures is available to use with most online devices.  It is 
available with two levels of subscription rates: 
a monthly rate ($12.99 a month) or a yearly rate ($124.99 for the year). Plus, there is the FREE 7 DAY TRIAL.

Connect with Drive Thru History Adventures on social media:

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Humor. History. Family-friendly studies. Drive Thru History Adventures has it all.  Take a peak at the FREE 7 DAY TRIAL and remember where to find those great discount codes!

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