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My Children Found The Starfall Home Membership Fun

"Mom, can we get it?" my younger two children asked when they heard we might be able to review a one year subscription to The Starfall Home Membership from Starfall Education Foundation.  For ever since they had completed all the fun, free options on, they've been curious what learning games and activities might be discovered with a paid membership. 

Since mid-January, my children's curiosity happily satiated.  As a choice during their lesson times, as well as during their free online times, my younger two have been exploring 
The Starfall Home Membership.  

Included in the membership are online and printable activities for:
  • phonics 
  • learning to read 
  • folk tales and fables

  • math 
  • folk songs
  • classical music
  • poetry
  • riddles
  • sign language

    and more!  All of these are super easy for children to navigate, making use of Starfall intuitive, fun, and educational.

    There is also a complete 
    parent-teacher center, which is accessible once a math problem written in words has been solved.  This section of the site  is chick full of helpful information, tips, printables, and more.  There are with worksheet generators.

    The Starfall Home Membership could truly act as a "spine" for learning for pre-k through first grade learners.  It also can engage older children like mine as a supplementary program for fun or to develop lagging skills.  The wide variety of offerings and enjoyable nature of included activities and games makes it especially helpful for reluctant or developing learners, too, I find.  My older child with dyslexia enjoys reading along with portions of the program, reinforcing skills.

    What the Kids Had to Say

    My children are older than the typical pre-k through 1st grade user of The Starfall Home Membership and have no need for the printable portions of it.  Thus, they have been using our membership completely independently several times a week on our laptops or Kindles.  Sometimes, their big brother looked on, too, because the graphics and audio caught his attention.

    My youngest has this to say:
    I wanted to get Starfall, because I had used the free stuff and I wanted to listen to more than one song, read more than a few books, and be able to do all the math stuff, because when you have it free you can only do a few of these.  When we got it, the first thing I did was the folks songs.  They were fun! 

    I like the reading and the math, too.  For the reading, I like the Greek Myths and the stuff about space and firefighters... 

    The math is kind of easy.  It's too easy for me, so I don't use it much except for for fun. 
    I am seven and I think this program is good for ages 2-5, but I still like it.  I would recommend people with little kids to get it.  I will still use it while we have it.  I like it.

    My middle child, who is still developing in some of her literacy skills, said:

    I wanted to get Starfall, because there is a free version and I kept on looking at it.  They had logos on it you could not click through without a membership and I wanted to figure out what they were all about.  I especially wanted to figure out what was in the math section, because there were only one or two things in the free version.  
    When we got our membership, I also realized there were more songs.  They are good.  There are drawings that go along with them, and I like to watch and sing along. 

    I also like the talking library.  It is basically a library shelf in the middle with folk tales and another choice on the two sides of the shelf.  You can click on a book, and it will open.  You can then read along with a voice or read by yourself without the voice.  I did it both ways, because I wanted to see how it is different.  I decided I like it with the voice, because I like how they use expression.  

    I liked all the reading parts of the program, because they are all pretty much like that - you can read along or read by yourself.  That can help kids with reading skills. 

    Of course, I tried the math, too, but it was too easy.  I would like them to make a little harder math. 
    I am ten years old, and I think the math is good for maybe kindergarten through second grade (which Mom later told me is what the program is meant for.)  The reading has different sections for different levels of learners and, I think, is good for anyone still getting stronger in reading.
    The songs are good for anyone.  They are just fun! 

    I am glad we got the program.  I will keep using it to have fun and to have easy breaks between my other lessons.  I would recommend the learning parts for children at least under fifth grade.  For bigger kids, I don't think it's good for main learning - like "this is my curriculum"-  but it's good for a side thing. It could be good for 3-5 year olds for main learning, but I don't think they should be online so much.  The program would work for that, because the lessons are easy and short.  There is math, reading, and other fun parts.

    As you can tell from her narrated review The Starfall Home Membership definitely has appeal and purpose for older children with developing skills.  The audio option and engaging content kept my daughter happy and building her skills.  She did not complain about anything being "babyish", but rather, enjoyed using Starfall, as did her brother.  

    If you have a child who needs some extra practice in developing reading skills and likes short bursts of online learning that can be used independently, I'd recommend a membership to Starfall.  The variety of content, intuitive design, and fun animations and sounds can help your elementary-aged child to gain extra needed practice in order to master skills.  Plus, because the computer website and mobile app are easy to navigate and are free from advertisements and links to pages outside of the Starfall platform, children can use the membership independently while parents enjoy peace of mind.

    Our family will continue to enjoy The Starfall Home Membership in the coming weeks and months.
    Learn More

    The Starfall Home Membership is only $35 per year and comes as a single account that can be used by anyone in your immediate family (including grandparents). One email and password for your membership authorizes all your computers and mobile devices, and membership is mobile ready with a download of the Starfall FREE App for Android, Kindle, or iOS.

    Teacher, classroom, and school memberships cost more.

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