Sunday, March 25, 2018

Have You Asked Your Child to Narrate His First Holy Communion Banner {and Been Pleased that Your Child Is "Getting" Holy Week, Too)?

Is your little one making a First Holy Communion banner this year? 

If so, I encourage you to ask your child why he chose to design it the way he did.  Doing so can provide wonderful insight into your child's understanding of his faith.  I know did for me!

Since today was "Banner Day" in my youngest's First Holy Communion class, last night my son asked his big sister to quick-sketch his ideas for his banner as he described them to her. 

Then, my son set to work making his banner with her help and mine.

When my son finished gluing on each design part, he held his design up proudly.

Then, he went to work using glitter glue to add his name and a few design details.

Finally, he explained the symbolism of his finished banner to me:

This is my banner.  Why I have the cross is in the middle is to represent that Jesus dies for us to make up for our sins.  I put the host and wine, because I wanted to represent that God's time is all at once, and ,when He died for us then, for Him it is now, too.  He shed His blood for us and gave us the Eucharist across time so we can be strengthened in our faith. 
I have a heart at the top to show Jesus' love for us.  The gold is because Jesus is so rich in love. 
My name is in blue to represent our Mother Mary, because it is her color.  It also represents the water - some of the miracles of Jesus - and the sky for heaven.  Why I have the yellow is because its represent our Lord Jesus' cross shining.  When we receive the Eucharist, we shine with Christ's love and faith.

My son was too shy to offer the explanation of his design's symbolism in front of his whole class this morning, but he said I can share it here to inspire you to ask your child for a personal First Holy Communion Banner narration. 

Surely, having my son narrate the why behind each of his design choices illuminated for me his current understanding of the Eucharist.  Coincidentally, it also helped me recognize that he is "getting" the significance of the Triduum and how Christ's sacrifice at Calvary connects to the sacrifice of the Mass.  

The Last Supper, the Crucifixion, the Resurrection, our invitation to participate in the sacrifice of the Mass.  May we each connect the dots and grow in faith and love, strengthened by our Lord.

Also, may God bless all children preparing for First Holy Communion, guiding them to a deep and beautiful understanding of faith and an unwavering desire to receive our Lord in the Eucharist.


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