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Make Fun Fuse Bead Designs Without an Iron or Glue {A Review}

Are you looking for fuse beads that you don't need to use an iron on to make stick together? Super Beads by Zirrly are it!  All it takes to use them is water, wait time, and what comes in the package!

Super Beads Mega Pack

We received a
Mega Pack of Super Beads for review and have been having fun with them.
My daughter (10) said she wanted to describe them for this review.  She said:

"I think
Super Beads
are great for passing time.  They are also good if you want to improve your fine motor skills and make designs.  You can make multiple types of stuff. 

In the kit we got, you had your boards and your beads, a water bottle, and you also got pixelated pictures that go underneath your board.

You place the beads on the colors that show on the picture to make a design.  You have to make sure the line on the beads is facing up. That's pretty easy, but not when the electricity has gone out.  (We did some by candlelight.)

After all your beads are on the board, you press the design down nice and tight, and, then, the cool thing about Super Beads is that, instead of ironing them, all you have to do is spray them with water and wait about an hour (or more!) and, then, use a special little tool that is included to remove them from the board.  It is sometimes hard to remove them, but not too hard.

Once you peel your designs off, you can set them out throughout your house or play with them.

Oo, if you touch the beads, you have to wash your hands, and wet hands stick to the beads.  Use dry hands!

We made two elephants with our friends, a turtle, an apple, and I also made a little sign.

We still have lots of beads.  I am going to use them more, and I think crafty people would like these.

When I asked her sons for their input, my twelve year old said:

"I enjoyed making the apple with my friend, and we sent it home with him.  The things we kept, I don't play with.  It takes a very, very long time to make things, and, then, I never even play with them.  So, they are not very worth it to me, but if you like that kind of stuff, then, they'd be good.

They take a lot of patience and use fine motor skills."
My other son, at seven, said:

"They are beads that stick with water.  I like using them to make signs.  Sometimes they pop off the boards, and you have to use one particular side of the beads, so you have to be patient.  It takes over an hour for it all to be done.  It is worth it depending on what type of person you are.  If you need to practice fine motor skills, it is good.  If you are crafty, it is good.  If you want to pass time, it is good."

As you can see, the consensus around here , then, seems to be that:
  •  The beads are not hard to use, but take patience.
  • You get a fine motor skills working with the beads.
  • Crafty kids like these beads.
  • The beads are fun to share with friends.
  • You can easily pass time with these beads.  

We have used our Super Beads on multiple occasions so far, including during an Art-Music, and Poetry club meet up when the children made designs while listening to poetry read aloud and classical music playing, at a playdate when then kids wanted to make signs for a "town" they are making, and during a power outage when the children chose to pass time using the beads by candlelight.

We inadvertantly discovered that the beads make a great sensory fun tool for littles, too.

Our young friend (who knows not to put small things in his mouth - which would be a caution for other young friends) had fun playing and pouring with the beads when he wasn't placing them into designs the other children.

The Mega Pack comes with:
  • 4500 Super Beads (including limited oranges and blacks and plenty of whites)
  • 5 X 4 Assorted Design Templates (which means you have repeat designs, not 20 different ones)
  • 2 Spray Bottles (which are used to wet - but not soak - designs so they can fuse together)
  • 4 Boards (which connect together for larger design patterns)
  • 1 Design Tool (for removing your designs fro the boards once they dry)
  • Instructions

We did find some defective beads in our kit, but not too many, and we still had plenty more to use and are enjoying doing so! 

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