Sunday, June 11, 2017

Faith through Food: Celebrating the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

If you're looking for a simple meal to share faith through food for Trinity Sunday, you might be inspired by the symbolic eats my family enjoyed breakfast.

Our celebratory meal was so easy to put together!

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We laid the table with a white tablecloth to mirror the priest's vestments for the day and decorated it with three candles to remind us of the Three Persons of God - two white ones and a Sacred Heart of Jesus one.

We also opened our copy of The Holy Spirit (which currently sells new for less then $1.50) to the pages about the Holy Trinity.

Before eating, we prayed grace and, like last week on Pentecost, also prayed a Consecration to the Holy Spirit as written on the final page of The Holy Spirit.  

I, then, asked the children why they thought I might have chosen the foods for breakfast that I did and what each might be symbolic of.

We chatted about how the strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries reminded us the Fruits of the Holy Spirit, but also of the Three Persons of God - strawberry slices reminiscent of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, defrosted raspberries - red for the Holy Spirit, and defrosted blueberries to remind us of our Father in Heaven (the heavens being represented by blue)

Then, we went on to the gluten-free tortillas. The children immediately said they are circular, reminding us of God's eternal love for us.  Then, we noted how they are round like the earth, reminding us of how God made the earth, Jesus came to live with us on earth, and the Holy Spirit lives in each of our souls here on earth, giving us sanctifying grace.  (Later, as the children are, I reread portions of The Holy Spirit related to all of this.)

We also talked about how when we each made our Trinity Sunday Breakfast Tortillas, we could use three things in them - making a three-in-one tortilla to remind us of the Mystery of the Trinity.Then, we commented on how our juice and buttery spread were golden to remind us of kings and jewels (the Kingdom of God!), our So Delicious Cocowhip and casein-free "cream cheese" were white to remind us of purity (and God's pure love for us, which we are meant to share with others), and our cashews and nut butters (for a little protein in the meal), cinnamon, and maple syrup (because my children love maple syrup) were earthy brown, again reminiscent of the earth being created, Jesus coming to earth, and the Spirit descending to earth.

Finally, the kids noticed the small glass cup of raw, local, honey I had put on the table and recalled the story of John the Baptist baptizing Jesus and the Holy Spirit coming down.
Now, that might seem like a lot of chatting, but, in all honesty, it took only minutes for the children to share their ideas and me to comment on them before our entire family began digging in.

Then, as the children filled (or, in some cases, decorated!) their Trinity Tortillas, I read and chatted more about the Trinity with them.  It proved a delightful start to our day - simple to prepare, yummy to eat, and symbolic of today's solemnity!

More Ideas

Find an explanation of the history and liturgy of the Trinity, as well as details about folklore and superstitions at Catholic Culture.  You can also find a list of other ideas for symbolic eats and more background there.

Catholic Cuisine also has plenty of ideas for enjoying food through food on Trinity Sunday.

For later this week, on June 13, you may also like to try our Saint Anthony of Padua Scavenger Hunt or 8 Sensory Smart Ways to Celebrate St. Anthony of Padua.

As always, I'd love to hear how you celebrate the liturgical year.  Please take a moment to share your favorite recipes, prayers, stories, and traditions for the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity in a comment here or on our Facebook page.


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