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What Preschool Curriculum Will Be One of My Most Recommended From Now On? {A La La Logic Review}

I grew up as "the baby" in my family and know full well how it is to be the tag-along, hand-me-down kid.  It can be fun, but every once in a while, having something just for yourself proves a delight.  It is for this very reason that I decided to take advantage of an opportunity to review a lifetime membership to the new Preschool Curriculum by La La Logic with my "baby" Jack.

What is La La Logic?

La La Logic Review

La La Logic is a preschool and kindergarten program that provides 100 "weeks" worth of content, to be used on and offline, which is based on current brain plasticity and engaged children in problem solving and critical thinking skills to accelerate academic achievement, while, most importantly, having fun!

For each "week" of learning, the program provides:

  • an easy-to-implement agenda that breaks the learning opportunities down into 4-5 days of activities and prompts for parents to journal about a child's learning.

  • online game challenges that can be used on a PC, Mac, iPad, or Android tablet, which engage children in enjoyable brain training exercises that take only 5-10 minutes to complete

  • printable extension activities that strengthen problem solving and critical thinking abilities as children cut, paste, color, and manipulate paper

  • printable parent-child activity ideas that utilize time-tested elements of Classical Education and classic early learning fun, including activities that include action rhymes, copywork, dramatic play, literature, memorization, narration, nature study, poetry, problem solving and more.

The online portion of the program can also be used in continuous, progressively challenging mode.

The online and offline portions of the program combine to act as an interactive, multi-sensory experience for children and their parents that not only is fun, but is also based worthwhile.  Curriculum activities integrate concepts from leading IQ tests with traditional learning and parent-child bonding time!

How We Used It

After receiving log-in information, I easily got La La Logic working on our PC and introduced it to Jack, who took to it quickly!

We began using the program in its weekly mode with Jack whipping through online segments with a smile.  In fact, he often wanted to do more than one week's worth of online brain games in a sitting.  The variety of games certainly kept him engaged!

La La Logic Review


They started off super simple and got progressively more challenging.  Some, we found, were easiest to use with our touchscreen than with our mousepad.  All were fun for Jack (and sometimes for his big sister, who wanted her own login even if she is older!)

When I asked Jack what he thought about it, he said:

La La Logic is so easy.  The sound and that it tells me what to do make it fun.

He is right.  La La Logic does make learning activities clear and enjoyable - both for kids and for parents.

Between Jack's online forays with La La Logic brain games, I took a look at the many downloadable printable activity sheets that come as a part of the weekly lesson packages.  All of them were well done.  However, because our family already does a lot of hands-on activities, including plenty of fine motor activities, I did not opt to introduce many of these activities to Jack.   For, while they would have engaged him, I prefer to do a lot of our cutting, painting, drawing, coloring, etc. as a "group thing" with all the kids together and, frankly, I knew my nine year old would not relish the activities.  That said, I love having access to them for times when Jack might want a little something extra to do!

La La Logic Review

Along with the activity sheets that focus on cognitive and fine motor skills, weekly La La Logic downloadable printables also include a wide array of gross motor, subject-based and other ideas for parents and children to enjoy together.  I love of some of these even include emotional intelligence activities!

Because our family is in a season of life where we are often out of our home with classes, clubs, outdoor adventures and more, we did not implement all of the oh-so-complete array of fun and engaging hands-on and enrichment activities La La Logic provides, but we did enjoy a few and I can honestly say that as a parent, home educator, former classroom teacher, and creative dramatics teacher, I am quite impressed with HUGE variety of offline activities that are offered!  Truly, La La Logic could act as a complete preschool and kindergarten curriculum for those that wish to use it to its fullest and also, as was our experience, works as a fun, engaging and worthwhile "extra" to existing pursuits.

Jack's Thoughts

When I asked Jack what he likes best about la La Logic, he said:

I just liked to practice it.  It has lots of stuff in it... I get to drag apples.  I get to click the froggie... and... (insert a lot of other specific examples that would not make sense to those who have not actually used the program.)

La La Logic Review


When I inquired further if there was anything he didn't like about it, he emphatically shook his head, "no" while offering a big smile.

Finally, when I asked him if he thought other kids might want to use it, he said, without any further prompting or pause:

Yes.  It can help the learn stuff, like how to count, patterns, puzzles, addition...

I dare say, when a four-and-three-quarter year old boy offers testimony like that, a program is, in my book, a resounding success!

Awesome for All Families of Young Children

I wish I had found La La Logic when my older children were preschool aged, because I truly think it is a beneficial program its access and pricing are so family -friendly!  For 29 cents a week (if using the program as a 100-week program), families can enjoy the program.  However, they do not have to feel rushed if life prevents regular use.


Once you purchase La La Logic, your login never expires and you can track progress for up to five children!  I have seen few other online programs that offer such budget-friendly ease to busy moms and dads of many. 


(And, they offer cute icon selections so each child can easily find their login online.)

The folks at La La Logic seem to "get" the benefits and challenges of homeschooling.  They have designed the preschool curriculum to be paced at a parent and child's discretion, asking for payment for content, not time.  I just love that!

I also appreciate that while the curriculum is quite complete with its online and offline components, it is also flexible:

    • Already busy?  For those that only want to use the online portion, there is a "Continuous Brain Challenge Mode" that allows children to play all the Brain Challenges consecutively without weekly divisions.  

    • Need extra practice with a specific critical thinking skill? Individual brain Challenge activities can be selected.  

    • Want more?  For those who use the weekly mode, any time a child wants to practice something outside the context of the week's target skills, the child can use the "Extra Practice" link to go to a page where other Brain Challenge games are accessed. 

    • Concerned about "too much" screen time?  Weekly online brain games to but 5-10 minutes, while providing plenty of offline materials to flesh out learning with activities that typically take 10-30 minutes and require only basic supplies.

    • On a budget? Not only is the purchase price reasonable, but besides a computer or tablet and a printer, the program requires only basic supplies, such as glue sticks, scissors, coins, beans, paper and writing utensils.

    Finally, the folks at La La Logic realize that every child is different, and, thus, provide a 30-day money-back guarantee just in case a family does not find something worthwhile in La La Logic (which I would guess happens only rarely, if ever!) The 
    Preschool Curriculum by La La Logic will definitely be one of my top-recommended programs for those that ask me about preschool curriculum.  
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