Sunday, March 15, 2015

And Then There is This...


My children.  

Snuggled together.

Sleeping in a riot of mismatched linens.  

Their bodies laced together in close comfort.

Their breath steady and peaceful.

They did not go to sleep like this.

No.  They went to sleep in separate spaces, but as the night wore on, they found their ways to one another.

To the warmth and peacefulness of resting together in love.

So precious.

So beautiful.

So much of a reminder to me:

I, too, can find restfulness in Love.

Warmth, peace and comfort await me always.

Like my children find their ways to one another, so I find my way to You, O Lord.

Knowing You are there.

I seek and, then, become still, snuggling into



Thank you.


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