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Win a Family 4-Pack to the Fabulously Fun King Richard's Faire!

As soon as my youngest saw the billboard signs go up for this year's King Richard’s Faire, he began asking if we could go.  His siblings were equally eager to enjoy King Richard's Faire again this year, so I was thrilled to receive complimentary tickets in exchange for an honest review and promotion.  

My delight doubled when I discovered that I could offer a family 4-pack of tickets to the Faire to one lucky Training Happy Hearts reader.  (Scroll down for the giveaway!)

What Is King Richard's Faire?

The Faire is a FULL day of fun! (Note the long shadows in this photo.  Having arrived before the Faire gates opened.  We enjoyed a full day at the Faire this year and caught the queen on the way out as the Faire was closing.)

King Richard's Faire is a fall tradition of Renaissance-inspired merriment that has been happening in Carvershire (Carver, MA) for 33 seasons.

In 80 acres of enchanted forest, guests can mingle with the King, his royal court and noble (and not-so-noble!) subjects, as well as talented performers and fellow Faire-goers.  

The kids - with their frightening faces! - prepare to help sword fight on stage.  

Guests can browse and shop in a 16th century-inspired village with unique wares and artisans.  They can fill their bellies with period fare.  And, of course, they can enjoy entertainment:  Knights joust on horseback.  Talented musicians play instruments and sing.   Amazing performances present interactive entertainment for all ages.  

At the very first performance we enjoyed this year, Daddy was called up to help prep for an impressive stunt.

Stunts, songs, storytelling, acrobats, jugglers, giant life-sized puppets, liger cubs and more beckon from eight stages throughout the Faire and more happens in the Gaming Glen, on the jousting field and along the footpaths.

Daddy and "a game guy" help Jack make a lucky shot!

Fun.  Food.  Games.  Shopping.  Entertainment.  It can all be found at King Richard’s Faire.

Family Highlights from This Year

Shortly after arriving at King Richard's Faire, we walked about so the children could decide which games and activities they might want to spend their budgeted funds on.  Luke immediately spied the cannon game, which he'd been waiting an entire year to play!

Daddy acts as Luke's first mate... (Luke's shirt is on inside out on purpose, by the way.  he wanted it all gray like knight's armor.)

Then, we made our way over to see one of the kids' favorite performers from last year...

This impressive stunt was just a warm- up one.  Wow!
A bit later, each of the children took a turn trying to get a ring from the dragon!

After Nine and Luke just missed the ring, Jack did the amazing!  He got it and was knighted!

Then, it was off for more show-watching...

Sometimes, I enjoyed watching my husband and children marvel at the shows as much as I enjoyed the shows themselves.

The children were spellbound watching the juggler/fire-eater again this year!

"Let's not try this one at home."

Later, they found a new performance favorite, who we watched on two different stages...

The children loved this pair's juggling, contortionist tricks, other circus tricks and good, clean jokes!

The children also enjoyed helping one another test their own skills.

It was so cute to witness Nina helping Jack the Archer!

I so enjoyed noticing the gamut of expressions King Richard's Faire elicited on my children's faces.   

The kids react to Star and Lightening on stage.

From laughing delight, to mesmerized states, to full-out looks of concentration, each expression was so precious to behold!

After watching Luke choose archery and helping Jack with his bow skills, Nina decided to use her own money to shoot some arrow herself.

I also appreciated that there were spaces for the kids' to chill when they needed some sensory down time.

Luke regulates himself with some free Lincoln Log play in the children's area...

In fact, there were even little nooks where the kids could get away from everything, shutting themselves up into a happy little world of imagination...

All of the kids' spent time playing and hiding in this tiny castle turret.

And, after such quiet times, of course, it was back to the merriment and action!

Giant bubble play made waiting for the second (for us, third, for real) joust of the day easy!

As the day drew near its end, Luke was not so sure he wanted us to sit in the same place we had for the first joust we had watched as he was wondering if another knight would win and wanted to align us with the winning man...
Would this knight prevail during the joust to the death!

We persuaded Luke to do so though, and lo and behold, our knight was victorious!

Luke happily pointed out that victory was afoot!

For me, though, the knight's victory was not the biggest victory of the day.  


This year at King Richard's Faire, my happiest "win" was this:

Spontaneous hugs from happy, grateful children punctuated our day at King Richard's Faire!

Indeed, our day at King Richard's Faire this year was fabulously fun and fruitful.  Not only did we all enjoy the entertainment, but the children also demonstrated strong decision making, generosity, curiosity, imagination, appreciation and so much more.  

Delighting in the merriment of a Renaissance-inspired time, we fully enjoyed in-the-moment blessings!
But, Will Guests Become Paupers?

If you want to tip performing artists, it is a good idea to bring small bills and change.  Our children enjoyed offering part of their "give" money to entertainers that particularly wowed them!

Like all fairs, King Riochard's Faire comes with a pricey entry dee.  However, for the price of admission, you can enjoy jousting matches, a kiddie corner, jugglers, acrobats, fire eaters, song-and-dance shows, big cat shows and more without additional costs beyond anything that you might wish to drop into the hats of the various entertainers (all of whom will ask for your donations, but who will not demand it). 

Beyond that, as is also the case with most fairs, offerings such as games, food and gift shops come with typically inflated fair prices. Even these, though, need not turn you into a pauper with a little discipline.

We took away happy memories and left behind some of the kids' "give" money as thanks for especially entertaining or skilled performing artists! (Nina, of course, being the generous-of-heart-gal that she is, was the first in our family to do this!)

Before going to King Richard's Faire this year, we filled our bellies and that of our children well.  We also explained to our children that since we have been focusing on money management this past year, and subsequently, since they have their own "save" and "give" money, they could bring that money to the Faire to spend as they wish.  In addition, we would treat each of them to one extra item from family funds.

This approach worked beautifully for our family!  

Is King Richard's Faire Truly Family Friendly?

Although the pre-show before the gates opened for the day was cute, we could have done without the constant use of H-e-double hockeysticks in the script.

As the snapshots throughout this review evidence, the Faire is family friendly. My family, as well as many others, thoroughly enjoy it.

That said, King Richard's Faire is aimed at both children and adults, and, thus, some shows and wares may be best left for the latter.

The program handed out at the gates of the Faire clearly states one show is PG-13, and, if your family, like mine, accidentally sits down at it, the performers tame their tongues for a moment and let you know kindly that the show is a "rated one".  Other offerings are 100% child-appropriate, of course.  So, just enjoy those!

In truth, our experience with the Faire has been that nothing is "worse" than what you'd find on broadcast television and, just as our family does with television, movies, the radio and the Internet, we pick-and-choose at the Faire which things to enjoy!

Win a Family 4-Pack of Tickets!

We so enjoyed our family's tickets and are excited to be able to offer a family pack to another lucky family!

Enter to win a Family 4-Pack of tickets to King Richard’s Faire, good weekends through October 19th (with some blackout dates) using the Rafflecopter below.   

Please note:  This giveaway is open to people 18 years of age or older with U.S. addresses only who will be physically able to attend the fair.  One winner will be randomly selected and notified by email.  That person will have 24 hours to respond with a mailing address or another winner will be selected. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Get Thee to the Faire!

Credit: King Richard's Faire

Regardless of if you win the giveaway or not, I encourage you to check out King Richard’s Faire

Tickets are $29 for adults (12+) and $16 for children (ages 4-11) and are available for purchase online or at the Faire gates. Children under 4 are free, and parking is free.  
Discounts are given to groups of 25 adults or more and private parties can be accommodated, including adult/children's birthdays, vow renewal ceremonies, weddings, and corporate events.  Reservations for groups are required by emailing

The Faire is located at 235 Main Street (Rt. 58) in Carver, MA, 508-866-5391.
You can also visit on Facebook, on Twitter and Instagram @KRFaire as well as on Pinterest. 

For planning purposes, please note that pets and outside food and drinks are NOT allowed on fair grounds, yet you won’t go hungry!  Typical period and fair food, as well as vegan and gluten free menu options are available for purchase.  (View the full menu here.)  

Further, should your family be conservative like mine, you may wish to plan which remaining weekend you visit the Faire based upon the special event that is happening that weekend:

  • Sept. 13: Vow Renewal Ceremony
  • Sept. 20: Prince & Princess Costume Contest (ages 11 and younger)
  • Sept. 27: Game of Thrones Ascent Costume and Trivia Contest
  • Oct. 4: Royal Ink Tattoo Contest
  • Oct. 5: Men in Kilts/Ladies in Bloomers Contest
  • Oct. 11: Children's Fairies and Pirates Costume Contest
  • Oct. 13: Celebrate Columbus Day at King Richard's Faire
  • Oct. 18: Adult Costume/CosPlay Costume Contest 
  • Oct. 19: Last day of King Richard's Faire

Obviously, since fair guests get into the spirit of particular festivities through dressing up (or donning various stages of partial undress as the case sometimes is), some days may be more enjoyable than other for conservative families like mine!

Regardless of which day you choose to visit, I hope you have as much fun as we did!

What is you favorite part of King Richard's Faire?


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