Sunday, September 21, 2014

Free Printable 7 Sorrows of Mary Cards and 2 Questions

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My Apologies!

To anyone who downloaded and printed the Seven Sorrows of Mary 3-Part Cards I shared last year, I am sorry!

It was not until using them again with my children this year that I realized there was an error on the name and artist for the "Jesus Is Laid in the Tomb" card.  I have since corrected the error and replaced the original file with updated printable Seven Sorrows of Mary cards.  Please feel free to update your cards and do not forget to look at the original post to refresh your mind on ten ways to use the cards.

Two Quick Questions

1.  Speaking of the 3-part cards I share, a quick question:  Do you like their size or would you prefer a different size?

My children and I like the current size for the fact that it is a traditional playing cards size and, thus, easy to hold in your hands as well as to store in baseball card page protectors.  However, for art-based cards, in particular, we wonder if double-sized (or even another size) cards might be better.  A larger size would allow us to see more details.  What do you think?  Please let us know in a comment what size you'd prefer future cards to be!

2.  I have switched over from 4Shared to Google Docs to share newly made printables.  Has the switch made accessing printables easier for you?  Do you have another suggestion you prefer?  Although I have been at blogging for five years now, I am not as tech-savvy as some might think, but still want to share in a way that is most effective for you, the readers.  I appreciate your feedback!

Resources and Ideas for the Upcoming Feast of St. Michael the Archangel

Gather ideas in a resource round-up for a St. Micheal's Day Tea (or a super simple breakfast celebration as we ended up celebrating last year.)

Thank you for visiting.  Please do share your feedback about the size of 3-part cards, preferred download locations and whatever else you wish to suggest or request!

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