Sunday, June 15, 2014

He's Not the Pope, But...

... one of my children kept insisting he was, and all of the children were excited to have him come to our parish to celebrate the first anniversary of our three-church collaborative.

After Mass, the children eagerly followed Cardinal Sean and the entourage of priests, deacons and parish staff to bless our parish's newly baptized "St. Joseph Center".


Then, we all enjoyed a reception, where, because it is Father's Day, the children piled loads of gluten- and casein-full food onto a plate to serve Daddy with.  (Mike loves such food and we never serve such food at home.) 

While there, our parish's Children's Rosary leader gathered children from the Rosary club my three participate in together to request a blessing from Cardinal Sean. 

Of course, we requested a family photo, too, which silly me did not check to be sure came out okay before stepping out of the audience line:

Yep, it turned out fuzzy and with goofy boys.  (Real is good, right?)

And so it was we spent this beautiful Sunday morning enjoying family time -- with our own immediate family and with our Catholic collaborative family.

How do you spend "family time" with your faith community?
Please feel free to share about them in comment here or on our Training Happy Hearts Facebook page.  If you leave a link to an idea, I will pin it on the Training Happy Hearts: A Call to Faith Formation in Young Children Pinterest board.

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