Thursday, April 17, 2014

Let Mourning Become Gladness (and 3 Requests)

The other day I was sorting a pile of papers when I found this one: 

It was one of the many that my daughter drew as she mourned the unexpected passing of my niece.  I am not sure when she drew it.  I am sure that it expresses her hurt, yet her hope and faith.

Another picture that Nina drew was this one:

Nina drew this beautiful image of love moving toward her cousin in heaven on April 25 on one of our learning white boards. On that day, Nina had been going about her day when she randomly burst into tears and would not be comforted. A bit later, she came to me with a white board and said, "This is why I was crying." She missed her cousin.  Her heart was broken yet hopeful.  Mine was too.

I held my girl, talked with her and prayed with her. Then, that night, before we slept, I prayed for her, for my niece and for all that are affected by the loss of someone gone too soon due to despair.

Today marks one month since we laid my niece to rest.  Daily tears have ceased in our home, but daily prayers continue.  One of those prayers is that the Lenten journey that so many I know are on this year may be transformed with with a beautiful Easter and that no matter where each of us is in our life's journey, we be filled with light and love.

As I begin this day, I am moved to make three suggestions:

  • Today, be present with someone, offer compassion, let God work in you and through you to share love.  Sometimes but one word, gesture, smile, kindness, shoulder... can make all the difference in day.  Jesus washed his disciples' feet.  How can we offer service through love?

  • Pray for all who died too soon and for all who they left behind.  So many I know have been affected this Lent by suicide, accidents, miscarriages and more.  It is hard to understand why such unexpected losses happen, but it is edifying to understand that God's promise of eternal life remains even when earthly life ends.  He will turn our mourning into gladness over time.  We can yet dance with our Lord together in eternity.  Unlike all who witnessed Jesus die on the cross, we know that death is not the end.  Let's unite in faith in love.

  • Pause right now, take a deep breath, close your eyes, smile and know that you are loved. We all are.  Infinitely.  Created through love to love.

May we live every moment of this day asking ourselves "Am I living this moment with love?"

Easter is coming!


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