Monday, September 10, 2012

Montessori Monday: Making Chicken Soup for Daddy

Concentrated, Content and Capable Practical Life Work
Sometimes, I chide myself for not being “more Montessori”.  Other times, I reflect and realize that it is not the materials or even the exact work presented that make a home Montessori-inspired, but rather the philosophy.  Then, I stop lambasting myself.

Even if our home is not as prepared an environment as it could be, it is one that fosters key elements of character that more traditional Montessori environments aid children in developing: 

  • freedom
  • independence
  • industry
  • a sense of reality
  • an atmosphere of cooperation
  • and, to a growing degree, concentration and self-discipline in our children.

For all its faults, our home is a place of opportunity where our children can be (and often are) joyful.

We model learning for our children and guide them as needed on an individual basis, allowing them to work at their own paces and encouraging them to fulfill their own potential.  We try to instill habits and skills in them that will remain for a lifetime, and, although we value academic prowess, we value self-discipline, self-mastery and love of learning even more.  That, and love of God and others!

As I look back at the past few weeks, I recall many moments that may not have looked traditionally Montessori, but were routed in our experience with incorporating Montessori principles into our home and home education.  The one pictured at the beginning of this post was one of those.

Daddy went to work feeling cruddy and congested.  I told the children he could use some soup to make him feel better when he got home.  Before I knew it, three skilled helpers were chopping mushrooms, broccoli, celery and more to make a produce-packed get well soup for Daddy.  And, since Daddy likes his meat, we even added some previously cooked and frozen chicken breast on top of the crock pot to defrost and then chop and mix in.  

It was practical life at its best...  And, the soup worked!  Not only Daddy felt better the next day after having healthy servings of the soup, but even our pickiest eater willingly swallowed some of his handiwork.

How do Practical Life and Real Life come together in your home?

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Discovering Montessori said...

Your kids are really growing up! I love that your blog is set up to easily navigate to compare photos to past ones. This is the best work! I don't think you can find this soup on anyones' shelves. Great job Mom! Keep up with the practical life activities, I can clearly see your kids really enjoy meaningful work. Thank you for sharing.

martianne said...

Thank you for the encouragement. I often think my blog needs a total makeover, so I appreciate the comment about it being easy to navigate. I also needed a "great job" today. So double thanks. And, nope, that soup could not even be made again here, b/c it was all about what we had in the house on a morning when we knew Daddy needed soup that night.

Deb Chitwood said...

I love this, Martianne! It's so true that following Montessori philosophy is the most important. What a great example of Montessori in action ... both the work and the attitudes are wonderful!

Thanks so much for linking up with Montessori Monday. I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page: (I think your blog is easy to navigate, too!)

Martianne said...

Thank you, Deb. We try to live by the philosophy, even as we struggle with truly making our home Montessori in look as well as feel


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