Sunday, September 2, 2012

Constructing Faith Fun

Since we have been quite focused this week on extended family and homeschooling, I have not had time to put together my usual Sunday piece in order to share a tip, tale, reflection or activity about training young children up to know and love God. 

However, since you were kind enough to stop in today, I don't want you to go away uninspired.  So, I encourage you to pop on over to some of the links listed below for ideas on integrating faith-based fun into your daily life at home or school.  (Of course, I also encourage you to add your own links to list!)

In addition, for homeschoolers and faith formation instructors who are in the midst of planning activities and curriculum for the new year, might I direct you to a piece I shared over at Catholic Mothers Online entitled Catholic Kids Construct: A How-To for Making Picture Books into Faith-Based Pre-Engineering Experiences?  In it, I share the Six Steps to Planning Faith-Based, Picture Book Pre-Engineering Challenges that I used to develop a a co-op course that overflowed into delightful learning and discovery at home as well.

Have a blessed week!


(If you receive this post via email and cannot see the linky, be sure to actually click over to the blog to read browse the rich catalog of ideas there.)


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