Friday, March 30, 2012

Oh, Jack, A Guest Post by Daddy

by Mike Stanger

Look who can get in the freezer now.
Oh, Jack.

Just writing his name conjures up images of a boisterous laugh emanating from his Buddha belly.

And what a belly it is! However, that belly didn’t get there by accident. His insatiable appetite gives it form and keeps it rotund.

His rosy red cheeks underneath crystal-blue eyes framed by curly blonde locks tickle my
soul and bring about a smile even during my most forlorn moods.

Turn on music, and Jack will give you a shoulder shake and a hand raise in rhythm to the tune.

But Jack is not all fun and games. No, sir!  Right now, he is going through Jedi training.  As such, you may see him cutting through the air with his “lightsaber”. 

Don’t worry, though. Just listen for his “shew, shew” sound effects which will give you pause and let you know that he means business.

Jack has a bit of a shy side, too. He’ll be active and causing chaos until a stranger walks into the room and then he clings to your pant legs like a static-charged sock.

Jack is also a workaholic. Long after I’m done doing the dishes, he will be at the sink scrubbing away at the same bowl for 10 minutes.

It’s not clean until it’s Jack clean!

Yes, our little Jack is developing quite a personality. I can only image what awaits us over the next few months!

For Mama, it may just be more near-tears moments…  Tears of the happy kind, that is.

Yesterday, during his speech appointment, Jack distinctly said “Mum” several times while looking and pointing toward me.  There is simply nothing like when a child does this for the firs time.  And, since Jack is a relatively quiet young one who communicates  in word approximations when he does speak – missing ending sounds in words – the fact that he not only said “Mum”, but said it with the ending “m” made the sound of my name especially endearing.


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