Monday, March 26, 2012

Blogging and Taxes

This past weekend, I spent a fair amount of time getting paperwork together for an upcoming tax appointment.  Since I actually made a few bucks this year through blogging (and I do mean only a few!), I began researching how much, if any of it, I have to claim.  In doing so, I discovered the e-book Your Blogging Business: Tax Talk & Tips from a Bookkeeper Turned Blogger With my husbands consent, I purchased Your Blogging Business  and read it tonight while he was getting the kids to bed.  I found it an informative, quick, and even, at times, entertaining, read.  Not only did it answer some of my key tax-and-blog-related questions, but it did so in a conversational tone that did not make my head spin nor my head nod.  Kudos to author Nikki Hughes for using her experience and gifts to help other bloggers by writing a book about a rather dry topic in a concise, understandable format.

Better yet, thanks to Nikki for being accessible.  As I read Your Blogging Business, I realized I had a few additional questions.  I have just sent these off to Nikki in an email and no doubt she will get back to me, as she promises to do for any of the readers who purchase her e-book.  (I truly believe she will, since part of what gave me confidence to purchase her book in the first place was the fact that I posted a question on the book's FB page the other day, which Nikki responded to promptly.)

So, before I get back to updating paperwork for my tax appointment in between doing some more laundry tonight, I wanted to pass on word about the book to other bloggers who made at least $4.95 this year in affiliate links, etc.  Like me, you may want to use your income to purchase Your Blogging Business: Tax Talks and Tips from a Bookkeeper turned Blogger (which you can claim as an expense.)  I'm glad I did!


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