Saturday, April 16, 2011

In Honor of National Poetry Month: Bag a Poem and The Ideal

Need a quick, fun, tactile idea for poetry writing?  Please check out my Bag a Poem Post over at OJTA, where I look at bags and other household items through SPD Lenses.

Also, as I head into the weekend, when I know I will enjoy some time with our family's Sabbath Commitment, I wanted to share another poem that I wrote as a part of Jennie Linthorst's wonderful LifeSPEAKS workshop.  This one is about my original dream of marriage and family, which has come partly to fruition, as evidenced by a sunny family hike with three gifts of joy last weekend:

Jack, so content to be headed out for his first "long mountain" hike.  May he always take comfort that our Father will carry him through the more challenging spots in his life, just like his earthly Daddy did on the trails.
It was all we could do to keep up with "Cheetah" Luke, who kept racing ahead of us with excitement.  Thankfully, he stopped to shout out with joy at times, too.  May he always remember to pause for a moment of rest and praise!
When we saw this picture of Nina after last week's hiking adventure, we couldn't help but to smile.  It looks like she is talking to angels.  May the Spirit work in all our kids to help their ideals match God's!
The Ideal

Years I waited
Long years
To meet “that man” who was meant for me.
To be gifted a child,
Or two
Or four
Or more
However many was in The Plan

But once I met him
The dream became blurry
I was told that children may not be possible
Love for our own child?
Maybe not

All I could do was pray

So, pray I did
With faith I waited
Praise God
This time not so long…

Sure enough,
Soon enough
You were there
A blessing growing within me

Once again
I could dream freely

A warm house of tradition
Sweetness and silliness
Love and laughter
Friends, Family, Faith and Fitness

Children playing
Sharing the joys of Home

Freshly baked cookies
Friends dropping by
Vibrant family gatherings
A place
To learn
To grow
To treasure always

To kick up our feet
Or snuggle in
After a day at the beach
Or hiking in the mountains
Finding the miraculous in the mundane bits of life
And the spectacular in savored moments
as family

My family
Our family
The family I prayed for since I was but a little girl

Thank you, Lord, for making part of my ideal your reality for me.  Please direct me in training my three awesome blessings up well so we may navigate the trails of this world as a path straight to You!


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