Monday, April 11, 2011

First Day of Spring Co-op

Our spring homeschooling co-op began this week and boy what a great day it was!

I enjoyed being a helper with Nina’s class in the pre-k room for the first hour – with songs, hand print painting, stories and exercises. I would have been happy to stay the second hour, too, but I had my own class to teach then.

Nina did fine without me, though. In fact, she was all smiles as she marched out of th pre-k room when co-op ended, proudly shouldering her colored-in body outline.

Meanwhile, Luke was engaged by his participation “big kid” classes, reporting to Daddy tonight about the various games he played that focused on the sense of sight and about how Cooking with Science was his favorite class: He got to cook, do “experients” (experiments) and eat. Feeding his sensory diet, his mind and his body, all while feeding his spirit, too. Awesome! And the long recess outside with the big kids was a hit for him, too!

And, little Jack? He was content as ever to play alongside Nina during the first hour and to be spoiled by our friend Pauline during the second. A little group time, some nursing and snack time with Mommy during break and a little one-on-one ensured he got all the socialization and attention a nine month old could want.

Plus, we all enjoyed the informal P.E. and lunchtime after co-op with many of our Our Lady Queen of Saints friends at a local playground. Jack snoozed in the fresh air. Nina and Luke played for hours, occasionally stopping by to refuel with bites of a picnic lunch. And I got to share with some other homeschooling moms.

Then, much later in the day, after dinner at home, Luke and Nina enjoyed a reprise of the Read Aloud to Real Challenges I had taught during the second hour of co-op and have already requested I do "Mommy's class" lesson with them every week.  Who am I to refuse?  It makes for  a focused, thoughtful, hands-on post-dinner wind-down time.

So, yes, it was a full day with co-op and playground, followed by work and wind-down time later in the day.  But, it was an enriching one.

Support. Learning. Smiles. Community. Exercise for brain, body and soul. These are the days I know why we homeschool!

This post is being shared at Heavenly Homemaker's Gratituesday as I am so thankful for the gifts of friendship and learning that Co-op brings!


Kylie said...

Looks like they had a great day :-)

Martianne said...

Indeed. It was just what we all needed. Love days like that!


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