Thursday, April 14, 2011

Honoring Autism Awareness and National Poetry Month

Not too long ago, I was selected as a Mommy Blogger for Signature Moms, where I am committed to writing two posts a month.  I was quite honored to be selected and excited by the great opportunity Signature Moms will provide for networking, learning from and sharing with other local parents, as well as with the wide world of blogosphere, about all things kids and parenting. 

This week, I dedicated my post there to honoring Autism Awareness and National Poetry month, for although I am neither a parent of an autistic child nor an established poet, I am touched by both things.  Through our experiences with Luke, I have come to know, appreciate and empathize with folks in the Autistic community and, as recent participant in a LifeSPEAKS poetry workshop, I have been embracing my love for writing poetry again.

So, if you want to read a bit about both -- including a poem I wrote entitled "Grace as I see My Gift", please click on over.


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