Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Moments for Motherhood with Thanks to Jennie Linthorst of LifeSpeaks Poetry Therapy

And the learning journey began...
If there is one thing I have always believed must be true of good teachers, it is that they are continual learners.  Thus, as I balance the wants and needs of each day, I continually seek learning experiences not only for the kids, but for myself, too.  

Recently, I have been blessed with the opportunity to count part of Jennie Linthorst's Poetry Workshop for Parents of Children with Special Needs among that learning.  In fact, in the two sessions of the workshop that I have experienced, I have rediscovered how cathartic it can be to process life through poetry.  I have relearned how to embrace a voice that used to pour itself out on page after page of journals prior to marriage and children.  I have found a facilitator (Jennie) who is enthusiastic, encouraging, challenging and motivating all at once.  And, best of all, I have savored some current moments of me-time to reflect upon prior moments of "ahh" times!

As an example, looking back five years and 11 months or so, I wrote the following poem about the moment I knew I was to become a mom.  What a gift that moment was and what a privilege it is to keep unwrapping all that has come of it:

You Are Right

Prayer works, my child
You are not sick

The run you couldn’t finish
The hike you breathed so heavy during
The exhaustion out of nowhere
They mean something

Your body is not failing you
Your prayer has been heard
Release the worry
And know

Nothing is wrong
You are right

Inside of you
Is life

Eternity begins anew

A gift
A joy
A responsibility
An answer

Embrace the journey of motherhood that lays ahead

This poem flowed forth as part of my first week's assignment from Jennie.  With her compassionate, clear guidance, I was able to reflect upon the birth of my journey to training up my children's happy hearts.  Now, that is learning this Mama loves.  And it is something I think other parents might enjoy, too.  

I certainly can attest that Jennie is a fantastic facilitator - gentle, yet probing; warm and supportive. I recommend her to anyone who seeks to give themselves permission to free up both heart and pen (or keyboard!), in a safe environment, to explore a personal story of life, parenting and self-discovery.  LifeSpeaks is not your old-school, high school poetry class, but an inspiring workshop that will make your heart sing, while, perhaps, pulling a few of your heartstrings as well.

I am sharing this post at Heavenly Homemakers' Gratituesday because I am not only very grateful for the gift of motherhood, but also for the kindness Jennie Linthorst has extended to me through her LifeSpeaks Poetry Therapy work.  Thank you, God.  Thank you, Jennie!


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