Monday, February 14, 2011

Sensitive Sam, Written and Illustrated by Marla Roth-Fisch: Giveaway News

Sensitive Sam: Sam's Sensory Adventure Has a Happy Ending!Every once in a while my family is lucky enough to benefit from receiving copies of products for reviews.  A while back, we received Marla Roth-Fisch’s Sensitive Sam to review for Sensational Homeschooling, now at Our Journey thru Autism.  That review will be republished soon, and, in the meantime, you can read a quick book review and chat with Marla here at OJTA and also find a chance to win the book here at the SPD Blogger Network.

As I have posted about before, my family was quite reluctant to give our review copy of the book up for a Sensational Homeschooling giveaway, so you can bet we're entering the giveaway at the SPD Blogger Network.  Why, well as I explained in an earlier post about Sensitive Sam, none of my family "tired of Sensitive Sam’s rhythmic and expressive text, which used real language (including glossary terms such as “occupational therapy” and “sensory diet”) in rhyming couplets that kids can understand.  Nor did we get bored with its bright and plentiful illustrations, which offer concrete images to match almost every idea expressed in the book.  In fact, over several readings, the kids seemed to come to know and understand Sam and his life more and more while continuing to point out how they are similar to and different from him.  Love empathy (and sympathy)-inducing picture books!"

So, we are excited by the chance to win our very own copy to keep over at the SPD Blogger Network, where Jennifer is giving away a copy.  And, while we know,that sharing word about the giveawaty lessens our chances of winning, we cannot help but to do so.  Why?  Because:
  • the book is a wonderful, kid-friendly way for folks to better understand SPD and we want more folks to understand this disorder which we think affects our family.
  • the SPD Blogger Network is a rich new blog resource for families wanting to share their SPD stories.  (Full disclosure:  I write occasionally for the SPD Blogger Network, but have no vested interest in it beyond learning and sharing.)  It is a place for folks to come together to increase their own understanding of SPD and that of others.
So, click on over to enter the contest and enjoy browsing some of the other posts while you are at the SPD Blogger Network site.  And, also, keep watch at OJTA, where I will be republishing my earlier review, interview with Marla and lesson planning ideas in the future.

The more sharing the better!


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