Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pro-Life Preschoolers: Pausing to Pray

a little story to offer and ask for prayers...

The phone rings.  While I take the call, Luke and Nina begin setting up stuffed toys and dollies in the hallway for a football match.  I am glad they are too happily occupied to notice my emotions as I talk with my friend. 

Her and her family's strong and faithful prayers have been answered.  She is pregnant - with twins!  My heart bubbles over with joy for them and my eyes brim with tears of thanksgiving.  I know how much this family wants these babies and how they have already consecrated them through prayer and pilgrimage.  I am so very grateful that their prayers -- and those of us who have been praying with them -- have been heard!

But, there is more...  My friend shares with me that the babies may not be doing well.  She asks me for further prayers.  My voice cracks as I respond.  Tears slip from my eyes.  I can feel the strength of her faith.  I can empathize with the fear of having to give a child back to God before even holding that child in your arms.  I cannot imagine why she and her family must go through this period of distress, but I trust God has His plan and pray heartily that it is in line with the desires of my friend's heart.

When I finally get off the phone, I pick up my baby Jack and squeeze him as I cry -- so thankful that God surprised our family with him and so hoping that God's plan is for those little twin babies I have just heard about to be held by their mother, father and siblings in the months to come.

Then, I look towards Luke and Nina and shed another few tears.  Such gifts they are.  I cannot imagine my world without any of my three dear children here with me.  Often, they are a handful, but always they are my heart-filled.

Finally, I wipe my tears and smile.

"Luke.  Nina.  Can I tell you something?"  I gently interrupt their play.  "That was Mommy's friend...She has babies inside her, but they might be a little sick.  Would you like to say a prayer for them and for her?"

Immediately, both Luke and Nina pause from their play, bow their heads and pray -- quietly, in their own words, without any further guidance.  I do, too.

But, then, it strikes me:  Luke is praying.  Lately, he often balks at prayer time.  He refuses to read "Jesus" books.  He tells me he doesn't want to listen to the Bible songs he used to love.  And, when he does pray, it is often with some self-centered petitions at heart.   But, not at this moment.

At this moment, Luke and his sister are 100% engaged in prayer for two little unborn babies and their family.  With all their child-like love, innocence and confidence, they are asking God to help their yet-to-be-born friends.  Oh, that their prayers might fly straight to Heaven and be answered with the same speed and strength with which they were sent.  And, my, thank you, God, for answering this mother's prayer that her son's heart not be hardened to you already at such a young and tender age despite my desire to train him up in the way he should go.

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

And please.... Readers, I ask you to join my pro-life preschoolers and me in praying for my friend's twins and for all unborn babies.  May God's will be done - and, hopefully, include little bundles being wrapped up and held tightly in the loving hands of their families in the months to come

In Jesus' name.  Amen!

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Leann @ MontessoriTidbits said...

Love this story of your little ones! It's just amazing how the littles amaze me in those moments when it matters. What an amazing generation we are building for the faith!

Anonymous said...

You have my prayers. I know God is with them.


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