Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sensory Snow and Ice Tray

Too cold or stormy outside to get some creative free play in the great outdoors?  Too warm (oh, how we wish some days) to enjoy seasonal snow?  Then, perhaps you'd enjoy helping your children make their very own Sensory Snow and Ice Tray.  It's easy
  1. Run about a half-inch of water into the base of a plastic food container and freeze it.
  2. Gather a tray, some favorite figurines and shaving cream.
  3. Squeeze the shaving cream liberally all over the tray to make "snow", leaving but one small space clear.
  4. Once the water has frozen in the plastic food tub, pop it out and put in that space.
Viola!  Your own Sensory Snow and Ice Tray - an indoor winter wonderland for imaginative minds, as great for creating stories as for retelling ones you've been reading through a bit of dramatic play.  Good for learning - or just for plain old fun!  And, great for keeping hands and minds happily engaged while attending to other children, a phone call or a few brief chores.

Gotta love Luke's current obsession with hockey for inspiring this take on our sensory and shaving cream fun.  Textures.  Temperatures.  Great tactile input!  A delectable bite for a healthy sensory diet and another good tie in for our book of the week - The Snowy Day.  (Sensorimotor/movement lesson ideas for that here and storyhour ideas here.)

We'd love to hear about some of your recent sensory play and learning experiences.  Do share them in a comment.  And, if you'd like to peruse others tips today, be sure to check out Many Little Blessings' Helpful Homeschool Hints, where this post is being shared.


Upstatemamma said...

Hey!! We love hockey and hockey obsessed kids in our house. :) My son plays hockey. I love this idea! My kids would probably love to do this.

Julie said...

That is a very cool idea (pun intended lol.) My boys would love this, thanks for sharing.

Elle Belles Bows said...

Fabulous idea! Kerri

Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

How fun! Seeing this makes me think that we might have to bring some real snow into the house tomorrow in some tubs.

Martianne said...


We do that, too, sometimes, and can change playing to learning by giving a baster, eye dropper or squeeze bottle filled with colored water to "write" shapes and letters. The kids love to see the show act as a canvas and the extra fine motor skills of squeezing the droppers/bottles is great for them!


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