Saturday, January 15, 2011

Two Inspired Activities for Teaching Skills with Winter Scarves

When it is too cold or dark outside, we sometimes use our winter gear inside to enjoy fun and learning.  Today, I am posting over at OJTA with Wearing SPD Lenses: Two Activities for Teaching Skills with Winter Scarves.  The first idea detailed there is about using scarves as a Social Awareness Skills Personal Space Prop.  It was inspired by a recent favorite read of ours: Personal Space Camp by Julia Cook, which has a companion Activity and Idea Book.The second one is about using scarves as a P.E. Skills Perceptual-Motor Development Prop.  It was adapted from an activity idea we found in Jack Capon's awesome Perceptual-Motor Lesson Plans, an all-you-need series for pre-k and early elementary home P.E./physical break activities.  Please take a moment to stop by OJTA to learn more about these activities if you are interested in them.  Also, we'd highly recommend browsing the books they were inspired by, which we find to be fantastic resources!


Deborah Jean said...

Hello Martianne!
This looks like a wonderful idea to pass the time and burn off some of that wild energy younger children have! Thanks for entering my book giveaway and for commenting on the Horse Rescue Post too. What is OT blog? I want to know more!!!
thanks and happy creative homeschooling!

Martianne said...

The horse OT is also the recycling OT., She is fabulous!!/pages/The-Recycling-Occupational-Therapist/113805848640610 Have a gorgeous day!

Lois of said...

I like this!!


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