Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Living the Liturgical Year: Three Days for the Three Kings!

Liturgical Table 2010
Whoo hoo!  I almost forgot to order The Story of the Three Wise Kings from the library this year and was so excited to see that, despite putting it on hold "late", the book came in yesterday.  That means we'll be able to do a mini-book study of it to build upon last year's Epiphany fun!

In fact, the kids and I were so eager to start "studying" the Epiphany this morning that we began doing so even before picking up the book. Upon Luke's request, we began by using lots of fine motor skills and a dash of creativity to make some crowns "just like last year's" (see pictures below of last year's; this year's to come later).  We also did some three kings coloring and dot-to-dot's from the activity book that Santa left Nina as her "frankincense" gift.  (More on the kids three gifts in a later post.)  And, then, there was some spontaneous reenactments of being the kings on camels (a.k.a. a big, stuffed Clifford dog and an equally large horsey one) delivering gifts to baby Jesus (played by sleeping Jack.)  Later in the day, we also,  of course, read the book.

Tomorrow morning, we will read it again and do some further child-led explorations for the Three Wise Kings and Epiphany.  Can't wait!


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