Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shampoo Finger Paints

Art.  Literacy.  Sensory input.  Hygiene.  These are all common subjects/goals in an early ed classroom.  And, I think one of the best parts about homeschooling pre-school is that we can attend to them all at once as a solution to tubby time reluctance!

Indeed, the other night, when Luke needed a little extra motivation to get into the tub, I remembered an activity presented in Bonnie Arwine's Starting Sensory Integration -- Shampoo Finger Paints.  A mere suggestion of them had Nina running to the bathroom, disrobing and asking to jump in the tub. Two ingredients, a plastic container and a spoon later, Luke was also lured into the fun.  And before we knew it, the kids were exploring colors, writing letters, enjoying tactile and oral-motor input and, of course, getting clean!

We took lots of pics and will be sharing them in a post next month as part of 30 Sensational Activities in 30 Days over at OJTA -- a fun event for raising awareness about Sensory Processing Disorder, sharing experiences and ideas about sensory activities (good for ALL children) and -- bonus -- getting a chance to win over $100 in prizes.  If you want to join in, simply check out a preview of Bonnie's book (found HERE), choose an activity to try, take some pics or videos and then enter by contacting OJTA here.  It will be fun to see which sensory activities you and your children enjoy and to get ideas for other ones that Luke, Nina and Jack can laugh and learn with!

I know we'll be trying out some other colors of Shampoo Finger Paints again this week -- maybe on a tray or in our outdoor sensory sand (and everything else) box, but, most likely, in the tub!  They really work for us.  What works for you to get your kiddoes both into the tub?  Do share in a comment below.  Thanks!

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