Monday, September 27, 2010

Our Sensory Seeker

As you might have noticed by the button in the left column, I belong to the SPD Blogger Network, hosted by Hartley's Life with 3 Boys.  Each month, Hartley invites those of us in the network (and anyone else for that matter) to join in an SPD Blog Carnival, which works as a wonderful online magazine of sorts where folks can share and learn about life with SPD kids.

This month's carnival is about Sensational Siblings.  And, since I have been so busy with attending to my SPD kiddo Luke and his two sensational siblings Nina and Jack, I am a bit late in joining in.  But, as the saying goes, better late than never.  So, here's our take on one of our Sensational Siblings -- Nina!

What does it mean to Nina to be the sister of an SPD kid?  Well, at just a bit over three years old, if you ask her, she may give you one of her expressive knit-brow, twisted mouth looks, wondering what you are talking about.  She does not really register the term "SPD".  But, she does, oddly enough, benefit from her brother's SPD therapy.

Indeed, when Luke was still going to OT for SPD, Nina got something that is rare in our household -- 1-on-1 time with Mama.  Yep, when Luke was off with Miss Teresa in the OT gym, Nina got then-pregnant me all to herself.  No brother.  No housework.  No anything competing for time and attention.  So, in the waiting room, we read together, drew on a huge painted wall chalkboard, played card games, played Mama Says... Enjoyed the less-than-an-hour that sometimes passed too quickly.

And, since formal OT stopped and home therapy became the norm, our little girl continues to bask in the bennies.  No, she does not get much 1-on-1 Mama time anymore -- especially now that baby has arrived, but she gets lots of something she loves:  sensory fun!

Luke needs vestibular input, so we often use our ottoman on wheels as a kid-spinner and Daddy works his muscles by turning, swinging and flipping kiddoes during rough play sessions.  Nina giggles so hard after spinning and shouts, "More! More!" when Daddy starts playfully man-handling the kids.  She truly loves all of it!

And, she gets more use out of some of Luke's proprioception tools than Luke does.  It is Nina, not Luke, who most often moves a piece of furniture to get the crib mattress we use as an indoor jumping board.  And, she is always my monkey jumping on the bed, couch, jogging trampoline.  Plus, she loves doing obstacle courses with Luke.  Such a seeker, our girl!

Indeed, our Seeker smiles and laughs every time we do a tactile input activity!  Shaving cream.  Goop.  Playdough.  Soap suds.  You name it; Nina loves it.

She is truly a sensational sibling.


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