Wednesday, May 19, 2021

What a Delightful Book to Inspire Concrete Way for Kids to Love One Another {A Tommy Nelson Publishing Book Review}

I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Loving others is often easier said than actively done. Thus Tommy Nelson Publishing has put out Everybody, Always for Kids by Bob Gott and his daughter Lindsey Goff Viducich in order to encourage children to find creative and practical ways to love to others.

Filled with 40 witty, entertaining, real-life stories, the book is aimed at ages 6-10, but can be inspiring and profound for any age!

Recently, my daughter and I have been using this book during our 1:1 study times as an enjoyable and fairly easy resource with which to build reading fluency while highlighting virtues. It works perfectly for this.

My younger son also got interested in the book and has been picking it up to read on his  own at times. 

Both of my younger children and I recommend the book at one that can delight and inspire through its stories of the authors' childhood memories, trips taken, places visited, and, of course, relationships experienced which clearly tie into practical examples of how we can love one another.

As you read the book, you cannot help be be reminded that the perfect example of loving others is Jesus and when we genuinely love others ourselves, we are living God's will.

Whether encouraging others, curbing our bad habits, thinking of others before ourselves, celebrating others' successes, or modeling after one of the other concrete example that Everybody, Always for Kids details, we are all called to love one another, and this book offers plenty of food for thought and practical ideas for doing so.

I asked my daughter to write her own review of the book to share here, and this is what she said:

Everybody Always for Kids is a nearly 200-page hardcover book with 40 little, illustrated stories inside. Each story tells a real life experience from author Bob Goff's and his family's lives and uses the experiences to talk about virtues, Bible verses, etc. that teach kids about loving everybody always. The book has an attached blue ribbon bookmark and large print. 

We got the book to read and discuss together during our 1:1's.


I enjoy how the book teaches with relatable stories. The author has had a normal life. For example, his kids once had a hallway they really liked and made a game with it. (When I was little, I did similar things.) He had a story about holes in his pockets. Who hasn't had holes in their pockets? He has children that liked to try to make things when they were little. (My brothers and I did, too.)


The author also had an interesting life. For example, he went sky diving with his son, a helicopter landed in his front yard, etc. 

With each story - normal or unique - the author connects it to loving everybody always.

The only negative thing I have to say about the book is that the glossy pages are good quality, but, because they are glossy, if the light hits the book a certain way, it can cause a glare that makes reading harder.


I would recommend this book to families with children. It is easy and quick to read the stories. It would be a good family read aloud for little kids and makes for quick reading practice for older kids.

We also received a pdf copy of the Everyday. Always for Kids Five Day Lesson Plan with our review. This 16-page resource is filled with hands-on ideas and discussion prompts suitable for younger children. Since my daughter is older and our conversations and narrations tend to flow best without prompts, we chose not to use this extra free resource, but I did look it over. 

With crafts, questions, planting ideas, and more, I think the ideas in it would be helpful to homeschoolers and religious education teachers with younger children or co-ops to extend ideas from the book.

If you'd like to read a sample of the book, head on over to the webpage. You can also connect with Thomas Nelson Publishing:

You can also Plus, you can click through to find 25 video, social media, and blog reviews from other Homeschool Review Crew families!


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