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Learn Human Anatomy and Physiology with Apologia {A Review}

{This post contains affiliate links to Apologia, whose products we've come to know, enjoy, and recommend.}

If you are looking for a faith-connected science curriculum that works for multiple learning and homeschool styles, take a peak at Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology by Apologia!  It's a wonderful curriculum we've been blessed to review and are looking forward to continuing to use.

What Comes with Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology and How Did We Use it?

We received one copy of:

Together, these make a complete science curriculum package which makes learning easy, engaging, and multi-sensory for children at a K-6 grade level.  The curriculum also makes things adaptable for homeschool parents.  Seriously, not only do I like the actual science presented in 
Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology, but I also appreciate that we can tap into learning in our minivan, at home, individually, or as a family group, using the different components of the curriculum.

In fact, since we have been out of the house so much this spring, my children's first introduction to Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology  was with the audio CD.  One morning, before leaving for co-op, I simply grabbed the CD, and after praying our morning prayers in our minivan, we began science lessons for the day.

As soon as my children heard the beginning of the CD, they became excited.  They remembered the Astronomy curriculum we'd reviewed before - the very same one they've referred to materials from multiple times since - and knew immediately that this  Human Anatomy and Physiology 
one would be good.

We were not disappointed!  The narrator's voice was clear and pleasant; the materials presented was easy to understand; and, each time we paused the CD to share what we'd been learning, we all had something to say.  So, we all were quite satisfied with our introduction to Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology !

(I will add as an aside here, however, that Apologia does not suggest using the CD without the Student Text, but rather, to use the two resources together, so that developing readers and auditory learners can benefit from the visual images in the text in the fluency of the CD.  We adapted their advice by listening to the CD first and, then, at home, reviewing the text and diving into the journals.) 

As happened when we reviewed the Astronomy set, my oldest claimed our Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology Notebooking Journal as his own and was given free reign to do whichever activities in it he wished.  

He started with a science-terms crossword puzzle, but, then, quickly took a break and went onto the faith-based copywork pages.  These captured his attention - praise God! - he took off with them.

Oddly, my oldest does not typically like writing by hand - much less writing neatly by hand - but there is something about the copywork in Apologia Notebooking Journals that makes him choose to write.  In fact, he's already finished almost every one of copywork pages in the Human Anatomy and Physiology Notebooking Journal even though we have yet to complete the rest of all 14 corresponding lessons!  I'll happily take that!

I will also delight in the fact that the 
Notebooking Journal offers more:

  • a suggested lesson schedule (which we obviously do not adhere to, but which could come in handy for homeschoolers who are not as relaxed and eclectic as we are)
  • notebooking pages (that invite students to enjoy graphics and fill in boxes, ellipses, lines, etc.)
  • lapbook-style activities (which are ideal for hands-on learners)
  • places to record project notes (thereby helping students synthesize learning from experiments and activities)
  • puzzles (for kids who love crosswords and such)
  • and more (including Book and DVD suggestions, which I love having on hand)

I had planned to let my youngest son enjoy our Junior Notebooking Journal, because my middle child has been needing more time and focus for other lessons.  However, when my daughter saw the journal, she asked if she could use it.  So, it became hers.

The Junior Notebooking Journal is much like its counterpart Notebooking Journalbut it is designed for use by children at K-2 skill level.  It entices learners with:

  • coloring pages (which connect anatomy, physiology, and God's word)
  • primary writing lines (which make writing easier)
  • easy vocabulary activities (to help solidify understanding of new words in fun ways)
  • lapbook-like activities (which my daughter enjoys!)
  • room to take notes and draw pictures  (on well-designed and inviting pages)
  • and more!

The Student Text that goes along with the CD and journals is filled with:

  • a full-color layout (which captures my children's attention, but, which one child, wished had wider margins or narrower blocks of texts)
  • 14 lessons updated with current scientific data (but written from a faith-connected angle)
  • Biblical wisdom (with Scripture woven right into lessons without being overbearing)
  • diagrams and photogpaphs (which draw my children)
  • callout boxes (which invite children to "try this", getting hands-on with learning)
  • a list of all materials needed to complete lessons (things for "Try This" sections - all f which we found pretty standard supplies we had at home or could easily attain)
  • and more!

Our Thoughts on the Program

Anything we have explored with Apologia in the past has impressed us, including another of their science programs, and   Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology   has followed suit. We've been enjoying learning with the Student TextNotebooking Journal,  Junior Notebooking Journal, and - our favorite part  - the Audio CD, and love that we did not have work hard to find ways to fit these review materials into our busy schedule, since the variety and design of components made learning natural and relaxed for us.

Pop a CD in, pick up a journal, open a book, enjoy experiential learning...  Do as little or as much as a day allows.  That's how we roll, and Apologia makes it easy for us to embrace such a style. (They also make it easy for families that prefer structured lessons and/or hands-on experiments to feel 100% at home with the curriculum.)

I can happily recommend  Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology  as a faith-connected, easy-to-use approach filled with learning that elementary-aged children (and their parents!) can enjoy.

My children have all told me they'd recommend it, too.

Specifically, my seven-year-old had this to say:

I like the CD.  It makes it easy to learn in the car.  I also like how it tells you about things in the body - like the trashman in the cells.  It makes it easier to imagine.  I also like how it tells you what things look like. 

Sometimes, I go back to the book and look at what we heard on the CD. So, I like the book, too.

My twelve-year-old said:

I used the Anatomy Notebooking Journal and I like the copywork.  It comes in both cursive and printing, so depending on the day I can choose one or the other, or do both.

I also like the CD.  It is easy to listen to and learn from.  I've been learning new things.
My ten-year-old had this to say:
I really like Exploring Creation because I am not great at reading textbooks and it comes with a CD!  So, it is really handy when we go on car rides.  So, I can listen to the CD's and, at home, we can do the journal and experiments.

I have never really been into cells and stuff like that, but now I am really into cells! 

I have drawn some on my own and done hands on projects from the journal. 

The ones of the human body are really cool.  I want to do the rest of them!

I've had fun listening to theories that people made before we had the technology we have now.  It sounds so funny.  It also talked about how God told people how to deal with certain sicknesses and we still use some of the methods today.  I like how the book uses science and faith together, because most books like these don't incorporate God, but God is the most detailed artist in the world.  I couldn't make a cell like He did!

I cannot wait to do all of the rest of the experiments and I hope I learn a lot more.

Mot certainly, Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology has captured each of my children's attention, and I am truly grateful for the way the curriculum makes learning so accessible and adaptable - reaching each individual child's learning style.

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