Sunday, November 26, 2017

A Poetic Round Up of Tried-and-True Advent Ideas from 12+ Families

Happy Christ the King day!  As we celebrate our Servant King, I am reminded that the beginning of Advent is but one week away.  If you're still deciding how you'll approach life and learning during this beautiful liturgical season, you are not alone.  Many other folks are, too, including me!  And, if past years are anything to go by, some of us may be preparing to prepare right up until Advent begins next Sunday, or even a bit beyond that.

To help us all, I thought I would share a poetic Advent season round-up.

Please enjoy this musing I wrote earlier today, which I've since linked to oodles of Advent ideas and inspiration from different Catholic bloggers.  Perhaps the Spirit will use a phrase from the poem or a post linked to it, to speak to you about how you might begin your Advent journey this year.

    'Twas a week before Advent
    and across blogosphere
    Mamas were asking:
    What are you doing this year?
    To keep this liturgical season
    in its rightful place, 
    which Advent traditions
    will you and yours embrace?
    while 'Christmas is here!' madness
    seems to sweep across the nation?
    How might we kick off 
    Advent observances this year
    How best can we celebrate Jesus' coming-
    present, future, and past?
    What will help us create meaningful
    How do we find balance
    in the sometimes chaos of this season,
    with all the blessings that brings?
    Might we help children move from "the gimmes"
    to simple gratitude,
    modeling thankfulness, joy, and humility
    in our own attitudes?
    Might we enjoy activities
    that focus on time spent together?
    Might we add new tweaks
    to past traditions that we treasure?
     Might we mark the days with Scripture
    that points to our Lord,
    as we hang up ornaments
    and spend time reading the Word?
    Might we each unplug and make time
    to let the Spirit's voice come through?
    ...Yes, the questions are a-flying,
    and some answers are, too.
    cautionary tales...
    Wisdom and reflections...
    prayersponderings and practical advice
    for managing daily life
    and preparing for heavenly paradise.
    In heads, hearts, and homes,
    thankfully, persists:
    Advent is nearly upon us,
    and that means it is time
    to prepare to celebrate our Lord,
    so merciful and sublime!
    However we do that,
    and may our response to God's will
    ring out with a resounding, "YES!"

    Thank you to the following folks for ideas shared through the links above:

      May you have a blessed and beautiful Advent!


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