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Improve Attention, Concentration, and Memory {A Forebrain Review and Discount Code}

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What do you get when you combine a simple, fun-to-use design with award winning technology to help people of all ages (3 and up) improve:

  • attention
  • concentration
  • verbal working memory
  • short-term memory

Forbrain from Sound for Life LTD!

If you or your child struggle with
attention difficulties, poor memory, or speech and language issues, then you'll be happy to know that
Forbrain can help.  Simply by speaking normally into the device for one to three daily sessions of 10-20 minutes, depending on your age and needs, you can experience a marked improvement in as little as six to ten weeks.

Until December 12, you can get a 30% discount and free shipping off Forbrain if you use our affiliation code 3A4802705.  After that, you can get 10% off.

What Is Forbrain?

If you're an audio-visual learner who likes quick overviews, here's a short video about what Forbrain is and how it works:

If you prefer tried-and-true user comments, then, you may wish to read how my-ten-year old - who was our primary Forbrain user -describes the device:

"Forbrain is a device that you use if you have pronunciation problems, reading problems, spelling problems, or memory problems.  It looks like a microphone headset, but instead of putting pieces on your actual ears, you put them on the bones in front of your ears, so the sound waves can travel through your bones.

Forbrain Sound for Life LTD

The headset has a small rectangular box with the place you charge it using a computer, the on and off button, and volume control buttons.  It also has a bendable mic piece for the front with a small cushion on it, which is sensitive.  You want to place that about an inch to the right in front of your mouth.  That's why it is adjustable.

I used Forbrain often.  Sometimes, I used it with my mom or dad when I read to them or did spelling and other lessons.  I also used it alone for read-to-self and speaking randomly into it, because it sounds so cool.  I used it with my brothers and showed my friends it, too. 
Forbrain helps me with my spelling, because when I use it, different sounds feel and sound differently, so I can hear to spell.  I think it helps me a little with reading, too, because, when I use it to read words, I can puzzle them out more easily and can concentrate better.  I haven't yet used it for memory work, but I want to, because it's REALLY FUN and I think it will help me memorize better by having an easier time focusing."

You might also get a kick out of the description my seven-year-old,  - our second most common Forbrain user- offered:
"It is a device that has a microphone and connects to your bones when you speak.  It makes my bones vibrate and rattle.  Some words make my ears pop.  It feels weird.  Good weird.  I like using it for reading on my own and with other people."

So, as you can see, Forbrain is basically a smartly designed microphone headset that uses bone conduction and a dynamic filter to correct the way you hear your own voice, leading to better speech production and increased attention and confidence.  Designed with technology for brain stimulation to help people with speech and language difficultiesForbrain has been helping people with

  • ADD
  • ADHD
  • auditory processing disorder
  • memory difficulties
  • sensory integration challenges
  • speech challenges

It also has helped folks with:

  • articulation
  • learning to read
  • memorization
  • presentation skills
  • singing
  • vocal dynamics

and more, including just having fun reading children's picture books with expression!

If you'd like to learn more about how the Forbrain is designed and why it works, the Forbrain website is chock full of further information and articles about the device, so head on over  to it if you want learn more detailed information.

Why Do We Love Forbrain?

I love things that are simple, effective, and enjoyable, and, in our home, we've found Forbrain to be just that.

Forbrain Sound for Life LTD

It sure is simple to take our Forbrain out of its handy, hardcover, padded carrying case and pop it on for a 10-20 minute session of use. 

Doing so for the first time, we were each surprised about how we could truly hear our own voices in a new way and immediately were drawn to pay closer attention to our articulation.  Over time, regular use of the device has been, "a fun thing that helps me improves my language skills" says my daughter.  Of all my children, she is the one that struggles most with reading, processing, etc., so witnessing improvements in her - and improvements made with a smile! - is a delight.

I also appreciate it when a simple-to-use device is backed by science and adaptable for use by a wide variety of ages in multiple settings
Forbrain is just that.  It can be used: 

  • alone when reading aloud, completing pronunciation exercises in native or foreign languages, practicing memory work, preparing speeches or dramatic works, reviewing learned materials, or, even singing.
  • with parents when learning to read, practicing speech and conversation exercises in native or foreign languages, doing homework, etc.
  • with professionals like therapists, teachers, and coaches when completing exercises, activities, and therapies.

 Forbrain Sound for Life LTD

Whether your a youngster learning to read, a child in speech therapy, a teen memorizing scripts or speeches,a professional working on your public speaking skills, or someone who could just  grow in attention, concentration, and memory skills, Forbrain can help you enhance language and learning, using your own voice to unlock potential!

Get a Discount Code and Free Shipping


Forbrain Sound for Life LTD

Forbrain typically costs $299, which might seem steep at first.  However, when you consider what many therapy tools cost and what potential the specifically designed Forbrain bone conduction headset has to help you or your child overcome challenges with attention, speech, and memory, the price becomes more reasonable.  Also, right now, the Forbrain website offers FREE SHIPPING, and, if you use our affiliation code 3A4802705 when making your purchase, you can get a 10% discount.

Learn More

Forbrain Sound for Life LTD

In our home, we have been using our Forbrain for a little over a month and are already seeing results.  Other Homeschool Review Crew families, like the ones at Through the Open Window, are in their second year of using the device and testify to its long-term effectiveness with their children with autism or other challengesYou can find reviews from forty-five Homeschool Review Crew families who have used Forbrain by clicking through the banner.

Forbrain {Sound For Life Ltd Review}

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