Sunday, January 11, 2015

Enjoy 5 Festive Models of Faith for January!

The other day, someone I was speaking with called me a "Cathoholic".  The label was not meant to be complimentary, but I chose to take it that way.  

I would rather be addicted to belief in God and celebration of faith than to many other things.  For, while I, like many people, am a "work in progress", my greatest desire is for that progress to bring me to perfection in Heaven one day.  

Through His grace, may that happen!  

And, as it happens, may I intentionally direct my attention and that of my children toward great historical models of faith and trust that we might emulate. 

January brings a number of these models...

On the first of the year, we celebrated Mary, Mother of God with Mass, read alouds and discussion.   

May her "yes" always remind us of the power of obedience.  May her love be a model to us of how to love.  And, may we continue to learn, study and play with Mary in mind.

The Wisemen
Just Before Our Epiphany Breakfast
Last Sunday, again on the sixth of the month, and, throughout the past week, we have been celebrating the Ephiphany with Mass, crown making, tea, chats, dramatic play and read alouds.   

May we all know the steadfast desire of the wisemen as they sought to find -- and honor -- the newborn king.  May we follow the light of His love and let it shine in and through us.

St. Nina

 Nina as St. Nina for an All Saints Day Party
Nina as St. Nina for an All Saints Day Party

Next week, we will celebrate Nina's name day with a family tea 

Like St. Nina, may we ever be afraid to speak of Him, sharing our faith, and, if it be His will, may our willingness to go forth with faith transform us and, perhaps, even be a catalyst for the conversion of others.

Our Lady of Altagracia

Flashback to 2011 Our Lady of Altagracia Celebration

The following week, we will celebrate Our Lady of Altagracia, a devotion from the Dominican Republic that we were introduced to through the lovely picture book and have enjoyed celebrating since 2010 

May we always trust in our Lord, have hope for the future, and, with grateful hearts, accept all that comes our way.

St. Thomas Aquinas

Friends balance books on their heads at our All Saints Day Party St. Thomas Aquinas Game Challenge.

In the final week, we may celebrate St. Thomas Aquinas.  

May we all be moved to increase our desire for prayer and study, maintaining humility. 

Which models of faith, love and virtue will you be celebrating with your children this month?  I'd love to hear about your favorite traditions, books and resources!


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