Sunday, February 23, 2014

Host a St. Joseph Tea and Play Date

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This year, we will be quite busy on St. Joseph’s Day itself, but I am still hoping to celebrate a St. Joseph Tea and Play Date at some point during the month of March, which is dedicated to St. Joseph.

As such, I sat down to collect ideas over the weekend and thought I would share them here for anyone else who might want to celebrate St. Joseph this coming month.

At our party I hope to bring to life the plan that follows.  Additional ideas can be found on our St. Joseph Day Pinterest Board.


  • Use boxes covered in white cloth to make some semblance of a St. Joseph Altar Table.

  • Light a white candle with a picture of St. Joseph taped to it, since white is the color of the vestments worn on St. Joseph’s Day.  (I have also heard red, purple, green or brown are associated with St. Joseph, but can find not real basis for this.  If anyone knows of color associations for St. Joseph and the reasons behind them, please share in a comment!)
  • Decorate table with pictures, toys or models that represent any of St. Joseph’s symbols: a carpenter's square,  carpenter's tools, a flowering staff, hand tools, hands holding the infant Jesus, a ladder, a lamb, one of three white flowers, a white lily, a pair of turtle doves, a plane, a rod or a star of David
  • Put hand tools on the table as they are the most common symbol of St. Joseph.
GFCF Tea Time Fare
  • Calla Lily Sandwiches like the ones at Catholic Cuisine or the ones at TastyKitchen, but with GFCF bread, homemade pancakes or tortilla wraps as the outside and almond butter, sesame butter or peanut butter inside.
  • Grapes in a bowl and in a cross image, as we did last year.

Our friend Karen from A Servants Memories made these cool novena prayer cards for our St. Joseph the Worker's Day celebration in May.  I think making similar cards with the attached movable beads would be very cool for March.

  • Ask children to make up their own prayers based on what they know about St. Joseph.

  • Play with construction toys.
More of last year's fun...

What will you be doing with the young children in your life to celebrate St. Joseph this year?  If you share a link here or on our Facebook Page, I will add it to our Training Happy Hearts:  A Call to Faith Formation for Young Children Pinterest board.


Karen said...

So, what day are we doing this? the littles will be MOST dissappointed if we don't do it again with all of you....
We will chat

Martianne said...

:), Karen. Not on St Joseph's Day itself, but we'll figure a time and day during March. So glad you want to do it again. I had gotten to planning ideas for it, but not to scheduling and inviting friends yet.


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