Sunday, February 2, 2014

Enjoy a GFCF, Plant-Strong Saint Valentine "Tea" and Some Wonderful Free Copywork, Too!

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Today, we'll be off to celebrate Candlemas for the first time with homeschool friends. I cannot wait!

Last year's Saint Valentine breakfast tea.

I am also looking forward to another GFCF, plant-strong Saint Valentine this year. Included in that meal will likely be some repeats of last year's simple breakfast tea fare:

Apple Hearts: white for purity and red for tradition and for Saint Valentine as a martyr

Spinach with Heart Strawberries: representative both of traditional love hearts and of a field with flowers to remind us of the legend of Saint Valentine, the blind girl and the crocuses.

Egg "Pancakes":  some shaped as hearts in honor of the celebration of love

GFCF Wraps: cut into heart shapes to wrap the eggs and spinach in

Cherries with Almond Slices: again with the purity of white and love/martyr symbolism of red
Plus, perhaps some of our menu items from years prior:

Juice Wiggler Hearts: ruby red for love and sacrifice

GFCF Pasta with Red Pepper Hearts: the white and red theme again

Buckwheat Pancakes and Raspberry Hearts: all about the love

(Please visit our Valentines 2012 post for further Valentine fun ideas.)

Among our Saint Valentine readings will be faith and fun books, both old and new.  Some will include:

And, among our schoolwork leading up to Valentine's Day and beyond are two great free resources:
NOTE:  This wonderful children's devotional by Heather at UpsideDown Homeschooling includes copywork, prayers, reflections, practical ideas for sharing love and more.  It is free for a limited time only, after which it can be purchased in Heather's store, where you will find other helpful faith-based products, too.
 NOTE:  This second one is free only if you act quickly.  As it says on the Homeschool Encouragement FB page, "Last Chance! If you can see this -- you can get 18 pages of FREE Valentine's Day Copywork on our Facebook page. Just click on the Fan-Only Freebie tab. I will be pulling the Valentine's copywork down sometime this weekend and replacing it with our new Fan-Only Freebie! Come get it before it is gone!"

*Thank you for making any purchases you plan to make today through the Amazon and Upside Down Homeschooling links above.  It won't cost you anything extra to do so, but it will bless our family with a small percentage of your purchase price.

What resources, recipes and inspiration will add to your Saint Valentine celebrations and learning this year?

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Divina K. said...

I was trying to figure out what picture books are in the first photo for your tea time set up.

We have a wheat-free kiddo here, and then by default, the rest of us are mostly wheat-free. I'll have to come back here for more GF ideas.

Martianne said...

Divina, it's Sabuda's St Valentine book. Trompert's St Valentine book,an Amelia Bedilia one and a valentine's day easy reader from the library


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