Sunday, December 29, 2013

Love and Look Up This Season

As we enjoy the Christmas season here, I have been limiting my online time for blog reading and writing in order to focus more on faith, family, home and homeschool.  Thus, I missed posting the Training Happy Hearts link-up last Sunday and am only posting a brief message today.

I just wanted to pop on to wish everyone a blessed Christmas Season  and a fruitful New Year!

May God's love shine in you, through you and around you and may every experience be obviously touched by His light.

By the way, the photos on our "card" above were taken on an afternoon that I wrote about at Signature Moms.  As I reflected on the time with my children, I recognized 6 Lessons I Learned While Sledding.  That post culminated with the words:

Go play. Ride. Roll. Share. Love. Look up. The rest of today awaits you with abundant blessings! True beauty awaits us all…

I truly believe this and know I am focused on loving and  looking up as Christmas and the New Year unfold.  How about you?


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